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The Catholic Defender: Sidney Powell, you do not have the Kraken to Release.

Sidney Powell, what you are doing is the most important work in our lifetime! You, Rudy Giuliani and the whole team. Looking at some Greek Mythology the Kraken, you have to dig deep how to destroy the Kraken yourselves.

That means your weapons must be able to accomplish this mission to literally save the United States and the world.

This Kraken is the pet of Nancy Pelosi (Poseidon) and Chuck Schumer (Zeus) to destroy Argos (America) and attack President Trump (Acrisius).

They spent nearly four years to topple the Constitution of the United States through their Democrat Socialism.

When all failed in bringing down President Trump, the Kraken was released to hit Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada.

By taking down these States, the Kraken would take down all of the United States giving the power away from the people and giving the power to the god of the underworld Hades, giving it to Joe Biden.

Our only hope is that you and your team can defeat the Kraken through the slaying of the Medusa whose power can cause the Kraken to turn to stone.

To slay the Medusa is not an easy task, her hair of snakes can cause you all to turn to stone as well, the Medusa is protected by the media who seeks to destroy President Trump. To help save President Trump, I place him in the great care of the Blessed Virgin Mary who is far greater than Medusa and whose Son Jesus Christ can free our hearts of stone.

From this video, you can see the impossible task you all bravely share to defeat the Kraken! We do have a higher power than all this which will aid you on this quest. The Lord Jesus Christ be with you!


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