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The Catholic Defender: China and Joe Biden's Compromise

President Donald Trump beginning with his run for the Presidency in 2016, made the promise of changing our trade imbalance with China. In this process, Joe Biden and his son Hunter had been in the center of controversy. Representatives of the Obama Administration was concerned that Joe Biden was compromised because of Hunter's involvement in working jobs he had no background in.

President Trump was besieged by the Democrats over Russia, Russia, Russia which played over into what happened in the Ukraine where Hunter Biden served on a board with Burisma. The Democrats kept the story quiet but China also kept the Bidens in the news. The news media largely ignored the story.

A recent New York Post article has brought to light what Joe and Hunter Biden had been accused in the Ukraine and China. Apparently, Hunter Biden turned in a computer hard-drive to be cleaned but he never picked it up. Instead, the attendant ended up turning the lab top over to the FBI who sat on the information until Rudy Giuliani. With just two weeks before Election Day, will this newly acquired information have an impact?

Apparently, a Ukrainian energy company Representative sent an email thanking Hunter for arraigning a meeting with his dad who before this revelation, claimed he knew nothing of Hunters business dealings. Joe Biden is now calling this report a "smear campaign". More will be coming forth as there are many images and emails on Hunter's hard-drive.

Joe Biden, according to these emails, received money from these businesses from the Ukraine and China. He has been thoroughly compromised with China which is a dangerous situation. China is supporting Biden to win the Election.

Recent polls seem to show that people support Biden over President Trump handling the coronavirius. It took two Months before Biden would come around supporting President Trump is stopping the disease. How dangerous it is should Biden win, we wonder what China has on the Bidens. Selling your office position to China should be a concern.


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