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The Catholic Defender Aliens and Demons

My friend Luke Haskell posted this story on his Facebook page

Fox News just announced that the man who hacked our most classified government computers found information on alien aircraft and projects.

Nothing happens by chance.

You will hear more and more about the Alien BS. Do not believe it. It is part of the biggest demonic deception this world will ever experience that is approaching our front door

God would not incarnate into man giving him so much value that a third of the angels left heaven in jealousy. He would not then create other life forms. This thought process is implanted to be part of the deception.

These so called Aliens are coming to people in their dreams saying they are from the "GalacticFederation" and when they come they will show us the errors of Christianity .

Enoch said in the next age of time " after the flood " the demons will come to man in their dreams .

We are in the age of faith, the farther we look into the heavens over time the farther God pushes them back.

Creation is an expression of light-word ( harmonics and light ) that descends into matter in which light being before matter soon bends around matter taking on the laws of gravitation and then the appearance of billions of years.

Aliens have not had a chance to develop through natural selection and trial and error. You remove the light and the word that is in the realm of God above the spectrum, you collapse the universe it dissolves away

In the first age of man the fallen angels manipulated Gods creation and created the Nephilim who were the giants, Greek Titans, Vishnu, Ishtar Isis, Zeus, Gilgamesh, Thor, Osiris, Horus, Thoth, Hera, Marduk... all demy gods.

The ones in the so called 10000 year old Vedas are seen flying craft with mercury anti gravity engines. This is were Hitler and Von Brahn found their technology.

"There is nothing new under the sun what has been done has already been done before"

"God paints the earth to confuse the wise"

Now we call the demons aliens

The Bible clearly records that spirits, as in angels, can appear physically, can interact physically with people and can affect our environment just as phenomena in the UFO realm. Some differing scriptural examples follow:

  • In Exodus 12:21–30 God sends His destroying angel or angel of death to kill all the first born in Egypt (except for those who followed His ‘immunity’ instructions). In 2 Kings 19:35 perhaps this same angel killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers.

  • In Genesis 18 Abraham sits down and prepares a meal for three visitors. They ate food so presumably they had stomach organs and digestive tracts, for example. What about the clothes they were wearing? Where did the materials come from?

In Genesis 19:11 we see two angels appearing physically as men in the account of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the angels have the power to strike men with blindness. And in Genesis 19:13 they state that they (the angels) are about to destroy the towns (obviously at God’s behest).


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