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The Catholic Defender: A Vision of Mary's Heavenly Glory by St. Bridget of Sweden

A Vision of Mary's Heavenly Glory by St. Bridget of Sweden

In this vision St. Bridget sees Our Lady possessing seven lilies and seven precious stones in her heavenly crown. Each one symbolizes a different quality or characteristic. Seven, of course, is the biblical number symbolizing perfection. Mary is the crown of God's creation!

“The bride saint [St. Bridget] saw the Mother of God, Queen of the Heavens, wearing a priceless crown. Her beautiful shiny hair fell around her shoulders. The Virgin was wearing a brilliant golden tunic and a veil as blue as the sky; Bridget fell into a contemplative ecstasy, as if an internal life alienated her from herself.

All of a sudden Saint John the Baptist appeared and said to her: ‘Listen closely: I am about to reveal the meaning of all of this to you.

The crown means that the Blessed Virgin is the Queen and Lady and Mother of the King of angels.

Her hair signifies that she is the purist of virgins and absolutely perfect.

Her sky blue veil denotes that all worldly things are dead to her.

Her golden tunic symbolizes that she has proved ardent love and charity, both inwardly and outwardly.

Her Son placed seven lilies in her crown,

the first is her humility, the second is her fear; the third is her obedience; the fourth her patience; the fifth her serenity; the sixth her sweetness, because she is sweet and gives to all who invoke her when asking for something; the seventh is mercy when in need: because if anyone invokes her she will give them whatever they need.

The Son of God has placed among these seven lilies seven precious stones:

The Lily:

The Lily, symbol of virginity and purity. There is also a white day lily which only blooms during the time of the Assumption in mid-August and is known as the Assumption Lily among horticulturalists. The species here is very similar to the Assumption flower.

Mystic [or Mystical] Rose:

The mystic rose, symbolizes Mary's mystical participation in the Holy Trinity as Heaven's Rose or Mystical Rose. The Rose you are viewing is a picture of an actual rose called Mystic Rose, developed in her honor. In medieval times the mystic rose symbol was drawn with four petals on a stain glass background or on a multi-colored background like a popular quilt pattern which is still stitched today.


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