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Joe Biden tried desperately to create a narrative that he was campaigning in Georgia as a sign that Biden enthusiasm was sweeping across the nation.

Unfortunately for Joe, we have television and the internet and...well.... pictures. Joe's Georgia rally had roughly the attendance of the line at a CVS and the enthusiasm was not exactly earth shattering.

In fact, if you combined all the attendees of all the Biden rallies, they wouldn't approach the crowd Trump had in Omaha, Nebraska and that is a fight for just one electoral vote, not 16 like Georgia has.

So, why Georgia, other than a desperate attempt to create an illusion of momentum?

It's simple. Biden is in real electoral trouble even if he wins Pennsylvania. Why? because he is toast in Michigan and struggling in Wisconsin and Minnesota and other places. and he needs to find electoral votes somewhere. So he is scrambling under every rock to find electoral votes.

In short, Biden's electoral map is on fire and this is a campaign in panic.


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