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Deepertruth Radio pulls farther ahead of the 4 Persons Snake Pit podcast

October 25, 2023 Deepertruth maintained a 206,602 sizable lead over the 4 Persons with 212,623 points up from the previous mark of 208,635 up 3,988

The 4 Persons had 4684 up 2,225 from their previous mark of 2,459.

Deepertruth expanded 1,763 points over The 4 Persons during that time.

As of 2 July, 2024 Deepertruth grew our lead over the 4 Persons to 207, 970 with 212,721 points. The 4 persons have reached 4751

We are your authentic Catholic Defenders of the Deeper Truth of our faith. A licensed 501C3 charity. Syndication through


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