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Deepertruth Member Terry Delp with a short Diddy

Thanks Terry!

Fear is a reaction.

Courage is a choice.

The government is creating circumstances that create fear. Why?

Because, when the population is afraid, they crave security.

If a population is afraid enough, they will willingly sacrifice freedom for security. That security will then become the enforcement arm of the executive branch of government.

Courage is the act of doing something in spite of fear. In the late 1700's and most of the 1800's our forefathers went west. Into a Frontier that was hard, and frightening.

They established towns and cities, in spite of their fear. In WW2, our troops stormed an enemy beach, ran into gun fire in order to maintain Freedom.

Do not give in to the fear being manufactured by the government. Stand strong. Decide to be courageous. Some very fearful times are coming. Decide to be courageous. Make America Great Again!


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