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Deepertruth Member Terry Delp: Lets Unite Against The Enemy

Is peace so sweet? Life so dear? As to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Is safety and security worth trading our liberty and freedom for? Can we calculate the lives lost in the last 245 years since this Country's birth?

The cost of Freedom is blood. The blood of our forefathers! The blood of our great grandfathers, of our fathers, our brother and our sisters.

Will we trade the sacrifice these men and women have made for an illusion of safety? For a token of security? A fantasy that will crumble to the reality of chaos and violence as soon as our Constitution is tossed aside and tyranny reigns unchecked!

My brothers and sisters, we follow Christ and do not hate our enemy. We love our enemy and pray for those who violently persecute us. We also love the freedoms that have led so many to Jesus Christ.

When measuring finite consequences to infinite rewards, we choose the latter and sacrifice the former! Our great Commission is to lead souls to Christ and what better way than the freedoms guaranteed in the US Constitution?

Freedoms that are now under attack by the principalities and rulers of darkness in high places that have plunged their hands up the Rectum of our current leaders and manipulate them as one would a puppet.

The religion of Satan has filed a law suit against the State of Texas to declare the heart beat law unconstitutional.

Democrats are actively aiding Satan Worshippers to keep the slaughter of babies legal in Texas!

We have long spoken of the spiritual warfare, but when the spiritual and carnal enemies of Jesus Christ come together to war on the Bride of Christ.

It is time to unite with our Spiritual Allies, every believer of Jesus Christ, every Catholic, every Baptist, every Evangelical, every Lutheran, Methodist every single person who believes in the Holy Trinity and God's Word as Holy and Inspired we need to unite with all of the Angel's and Saints and stand our ground.

No more retreats! Homosexual marriage is sinful! Abortion is murder! Let us echo the words of Patrick Henry "Give me liberty or give me death" the enemy has incorporated the mortal with the immortal they are currently working for Satan and the demonic legions.

We must incorporate the Church Militant with the Church Triumphant and march against the evil hordes of hell.

Be in a state of Grace my brethren for many will die. But our hope is in Christ and therefore this life is a worthy sacrifice if it means securing the freedoms of this Country in order to allow millions more souls to be saved.

Let us unite in Christ Jesus and push Satan and his hordes back into the depths of hell!!! We CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS US!!!


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