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Deeper Truth Blog fighting back against the horrific first ammendment crackdown

🚨 As one of the founding members of Deeper Truth Blog, I regret to inform you that we have no choice but to immediatly transition to a complete elimination of the Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Apple and Google/Gmail platforms. This is in response to the despicable disinformation campaign and attacks on the President and his supporters but, even more so, because of the legitimate fear that these platforms present a clear and present danger to our free speech and religious liberties due to their unquestioned allegiance to the radical left's open assault on the Bill of Rights. The social platforms have shut down virtually everyone surrounding the President and Apple and Google Play are blocking downloads of alternative apps like Parler. All without any legitimate reason. This is a full-throated assault on freedom of speech and an attempt to shutdown the marketplace of ideas. Joe Biden didn't take long to prove he plans to implement a radical Marxist dictatorship at once.

This transition will be quick because once Biden becomes President, the crackdowns on our liberties will be immediate and severe as the actions of the last 3 days have shown.

We need your help spreading the word.


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