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Debates coming to Deeper Truth

~John the Virginian

Our repeated efforts to get debates going here at Deeper Truth have apparently bore fruit. We have a tentative agreement for 10 debates.

6 of the debate topics have been chosen.

They are:

  1. Salvation by faith alone (Sola Fide)

  2. The Bible alone (Sola Scriptura)

  3. The Papacy

  4. Purgatory

  5. The Mass

  6. Prayer to the Saints

The remaining 4 debate topics will be chosen from a slate of 14 prospective topics. The 10 debates are expected to be completed over a 6 month (26 week) period. All are expected to be on Fridays. The first should be February 12th or 19th.

Among the topics in consideration for the final 4 spots are the True Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, The nature of Grace and an assortment of Marian dogmas.

We will keep you posted!


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