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The Catholic Defender: The NFL is creating a STRAW-MAN to beat up and kick around

After the Kansas City Chiefs game with the Houston Texans the vast majority of the discussion was not about the great game KC played, but it was mostly about the events before the game. What the players and commentators could not understand was why anyone would boo at the "moment of silence" that took place before the game.

I listened to a number of respected commentators whom I love to listen to from Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharp to Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Ryan Clark. and many others. All of them had a problem with fans booing what they thought was all about supporting racial justice. The STRAW-MAN being created was the idea that all the booing was because they opposed Black people? That is the farthest from the truth, at least in this case of these fans. Racism had nothing to do with why people were booing.

Actually, the truth be known, there is a lot of reverse discrimination taking place from NFL players and these sports commentators. One of them slipped up and accused President Trump of being the most divisive person in America? That has been played out by the media against President Trump because he stands for the American Flag, Anthem, and our troops. President Trump opposes the protesting against those who oppose patriotism and respecting our country.

Protesting our country is a hurdle that the NFL will have to some how climb over. Protesting police brutality is really not the main problem. When we see a bad police officer, they do need to be identified. Police Officers themselves hates a "bad cop"! In almost all of the major issues involving the police and Black men recently, the major problem has been their reluctance to follow instructions and fight with the police. From George Floyd to Jacob Blake, it is always tragic when you commit a crime and you get caught. Color and race has nothing to do with that. When you resist the police and fight with them there will be no good turn out for them. All of us can certainly see that the police were wrong in the George Floyd case.

The coroner's report showed George Floyd to have a lethal level of Fentynal in his system. This is a controlled drug used in a hospital setting with a patient on Oxygen and a Heart Rate Monitor with an Ambu Bag at hand. Overdoses of this drug can cause death by depressed breathing. That is why George Floyd was complaining to the police that he could not breathe. These overdose patients usually fight because of the lack of air as they struggle to breathe. He could have died of this overdose sitting in his home watching TV.

I can easily point to the police for mishandling this case horribly. They should have picked up on Mr. Floyd having a drug overdose and should have called for an Ambulance much sooner. They might have saved his life by doing so. I do not believe that they killed George Floyd purposely because he is Black. In the case of Jason Blake, he is accused of sexually assaulting a woman who called the police. Upon arrival, they discover Jason Blake had an arrest warrant and he fought with them. He was tazed twice with no effect and he went to his car and was shot as he potentially was reaching for a weapon. Again, I do not believe that Mr. Blake was shot because he was black, but because he became a threat to the police officer.

The problem that I have with the NFL has nothing to do with working towards racial justice, I support that point as well. Everyone American deserves the rights of out Constitution. But for many Americans, Black Lives Matter as an organization is a known self proclaimed group that pushes for Socialism, Marxism, and Communism.

I listened to Patrick Mahomes when he was asked about the reaction of the fans booing against the "moment of silence" and then I looked at some of the responses by the public. At the time I looked there were 101 responses. A number of them reacted to Black Lives Matter for being a Socialist group. That is why people booed the event. Not because Black people were on the field.

Just tonight, in California, Police are continuing to respond to a shooting incident in Compton, Los Angeles County, California, the evening of Sept. 12. Reports indicate an unknown suspect opened fire at two sheriff officers in their vehicle near the Compton Metro Blue Line Station in the Willowbrook area at around 1900 before fleeing.

The two officers are reportedly in critical condition. Authorities have deployed officers to the site for investigations, and a search for the shooter is ongoing. There have been more than a thousand police officers hurt, many seriously, some killed. 20 police chiefs have resigned from the police, this is not a good situation. We need to pray for our country, that true unity can result, but it will not happen under Black Lives Matter.

(Editors update on the two Police Officers - Fox News reports Black Lives Matter Protesters at the Emergency Room gathered calling for the death of these two Police Officers. President Trump called the shooter and these protesters "animals, they must be hit hard".

This rhetoric saying that the police is out to kill Black men has to stop, and

these protests like shutting down the Washington Bridge tonight (9/13/2020) must stop. The Black Lives Matter crowd that threatened the couple (Mark and Patricia McCloskey of St. Louis) yelled that they can not stop the Revolution, meaning the breakdown of America. This is why people are booing the events at Arrowhead.

The National Football League is donating $250,000,000 over a 10 year period to Black Lives Matter. I will not donate 1 penny to this cause.

As soon as the National Football league quits kicking a Straw-man that they create to kick around, there will be many Americans say good by to the NFL. Unfortunately, the NFL is dealing with an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponents position. To attack a straw-man is to create the illusion of having refuted a proposition by subtracting a superficially similar yet weaker proposition and refuting it, without even having actually refuted the original position. I hope that does not happen, but until these players and commentators wake up to the truth, we all will lose out.

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