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The Guardian Angel: Jesus Will Protect

!!! Make no mistake, Satan has entered into the Education of our young, the Government of our people, the Media, and the Church. Know this, Satan and his dupes on earth do not want you to Know the TRUTH. We are at WAR! The prize is the souls of our children.

Jesus Loves you so much that HE died for you. Our Heavenly Father gave HIS only Son Jesus, so that you would be able to be saved from Hell and go to eternity with HIM in heaven. Jesus is Truth and that Truth is knowable.

Many of you are suffering Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically because you have been trapped by the world, the flesh, and the devil. What if in God’s love for you HE gave you a way to have joy and peace that only HE can give. The depth of this love is something that money, power and sex cannot give you, as it comes from God to those with a Supernatural Faith.

Jesus came to bring good news to the poor, the prisoners, the widows, the orphans, all of us. But men loved the darkness rather than the Light.

Have you ever ask yourself, “Could life be better? How? Have you ever asked yourself why this or that is happening? Or why does this happen to me? Have you ever felt like you have lost hope in the future? Or why is the moral decay hurting my children and grandchildren? Or why do evil people cause so many bad things to happen? And why is it allowed by a Holy God? Maybe you ask yourself, what does God want me to do? Can the answers have a simple start in this prayer:

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful. And kindle in them the fire of your love. Send forth your Spirit and they shall be created. And you will renew the face of the earth. Lord, by the light of the Holy Spirit you have taught the hearts of your faithful. In the same Spirit help us to relish what is right and always rejoice in your consolation. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

It is foolish to ignore the warnings, we live in a world where so many have abandoned God. A world that has lost its sense of God, a world that has lost its sense of sin. Where atheism is the order of the day. A world that is sinking more and more into chaos, violence, and moral depravity every single day.

There is a devil and there is a Hell, owing to the efforts of the enemy of the human race, there have never been lacking “men speaking perverse things,” “vain talkers and seducers,” “erring and driving into error.” It must, however, be confessed that these latter days have witnessed a notable increase in the number of the enemies of the Cross of Christ, who, by arts entirely new and full of deceit, are striving to destroy the vital energy of the Church, and, as far as in them lies, utterly to subvert the very Kingdom of Christ.

Wherefore We may no longer keep silence, lest We should seem to fail in Our most sacred duty. "Pascendi Dominici Gregis", A person’s worldview affects education, politics, and religion, and as a result, affects the culture of the nation. The moral decay in this country by the purposeful turning of people away from God and family by the atheists and pagans in education, government, media, and some religions, both pagan and apostate Christian. There is an attack on Christianity in all parts of society.

There has been a national take over of our educational system, with a purpose to change our culture by indoctrinating the children in a captive system and support it by tyranny. There are men and women of shame in both parties that would not be called patriots by our Founding Fathers, and some are traitors to God, family, and country.

Until we turn back to God and support Godly families in this country there will never be true peace. We must gather all sinners from the world and immerse them in the abyss of Christ’s Mercy. Jesus said He wants to give Himself to souls, He yearns for souls.Put yourself into the loving arms of the great Mercy of Jesus. Your Savior Jesus Christ says that when we proclaim His Mercy,

Jesus will protect you at the hour of death with His own Glory. Trust in Jesus’ Mercy. Remember His Passion and Wounds for You. Call me if you have any desire to know more, and want hope and peace for you and your family. Guardian Angel 417-599-9247

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