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The Catholic Defender: Modern Siege of Alamo

It was mid summer early fall 2006 when I took my Daughter Petra to the Alamo to meet some good friends from DCF (Defenders of the Catholic Faith). We had met at the Alamo and went through the tours and had a good time. We also went out to eat and it was a great day of fellowship. Before leaving at the end of our day there, while taking pictures in front of the famed Church known all over the world for the battle that took place there, someone caught my attention. As Petra and I were about to part with our company, there was a quick gathering taking place in front of the Alamo where the original wall stood. It was near the road yet well within the grounds of the Alamo. Someone was setting up to speak using signs, even a soap box, and a blow horn wanting to assemble a crowd. Well, he aroused my interest and it didn't take long to find out the purpose of his gathering. This was a Street Preacher who was seeking to gain converts. As I began to walk through the crowd I recognized there were those in the crowd who were part of his team. As he began an speak, it didn't take long for his purpose which was to attack Catholic Faith. I was curious to take a random sample of those in the crowd. 5 of the first 6 people I asked were Catholic, so I began to challenge the Street Preacher on what he was saying.

Of course, he was giving the standard Anti-Catholic objections; Mary, statues, purgatory, faith/works and so I felt obligated to respond. The Street Preacher at first didn't mind the challenge as he had thought his canned attacks were defenseless. That did not last long as I began to give detailed responses and I demonstrated much passion defending the Catholic Faith. It didn't take long before the assembled crowd began to take interest in the ensuing debate. The crowd literally began to respond to my arguments with cheers and applause and he quickly lost any kind of advantage he thought he had. The Street Preacher's face became very agitated with each and every response. He had a prepared plan while I simple shot off the hip, just speaking from the top of my head.

It didn't take long before the Street Preacher would become so frustrated that he and his team took off and left the scene. I was left standing there in the middle of the crowd and as we parted, I encouraged the crowd to make the Mass the center of their life. That the Catholic Faith is the true Church, and that the foundation of the Church is Jesus Christ. Many people who have been approached by such Street Preachers, they have been looking for such Catholic Apologetic s that give concise accurate information that helps them defend the Faith. This episode at the Alamo I have seen many times. Please pray for Deepertruth, Defenders of the Catholic Faith (DCF), St. Paul's Street Evangelization, Catholics Come Home, Catholic Answers, and others who strive to provide such apologetic s.

According to American Catholic, an internet think tank, they reported a few years ago that something like 90,000 former Catholics returned to the Faith as a result of such Apologetic s. This is a very important work. The Catholic Church is being attacked by about every group out there. Not only from Fundamental Protestantism and the neo-christian groups, there is the onslaught of the Secularists, the anti-Clerical, the liberal to include the abortionist, homosexual, Planned Parenthood, much of society is causing the church to circle the wagons.

There have literally been millions who have gathered to honor the siege of Alamo, what a joy it was even for a little while to have played a small part defending the Faith at the Alamo.

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