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Matthew Pryor: God, Guns, Jobs and Islamic Terrorism

Throughout history politicians have tried to manipulate us by determining which countries we should hate and which should be our friends.

When it comes to nations and their leaders, there is no such thing as friendship. Nations do not have friends, they have allies. Nations do not have morals, they have interests.

The same can be said of virtually every political leader. Both entities spy on each other and attempt to influence outcomes to their own benefit.

Did President Obama not try to influence both the BREXIT vote as well as the Israeli elections?

It is presumed that the President acts on behalf of our interests.

When we disagree, we vote in a new direction.

Putin (presumably, on behalf of Russia) has a set of interests.

One of these is access to the Atlantic Ocean for his Navy.

Both World Wars were started over access to the Atlantic.

So, are Putin's actions in Ukraine a surprise?

We don't like how he's doing it and it may not coincide with our interests.

Should we start WWIII?

We have a place called Georgia which tried to secede. How did we react?

We may sympathize with Georgia, but is our interest sufficient to start WWIII?

Putin’s answer to Islamic Extremism and the countries bordering Russia don't always match ours.

Finding common ground makes more sense than WWIII. I am neither friend nor foe of Putin (i.e. Russia).

I am convinced, however, that he wakes up each morning with one thought in mind: Make Russia Great Again.

When it coincides with our interests, Russia will be our ally. When not, we must carefully evaluate our reaction to this sometimes-ally, sometimes-foe.

Russia may prove to be our most important ally in the South China Sea. It may, in fact, trump (pardon the expression) many other "interests."

Think carefully as the politicians and media try to shape your thoughts (or should I say hatreds?).

As a Trump supporter, nothing Russia did had anything to do with my vote. My "Personal Interests" evolved around: God, Guns, Jobs and Islamic Terrorism - none of which had anything to do with the idiotic DNC e-mails, all of which, were apparently true. -

Matt Pryor - A former Mayor of Troy, Michigan

Matthew Pryor is a friend of Deepertruth who has participated in over 50 hours of Radio time on Deepertruth Internet Radio supporting "Trump for America" throughout the Presidential Campaign.

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