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The Guardian Angel: Eucharistic Miracle of Venezuala 1991 Betania and Miraculous Holy Communions

These Eucharisitic Miracles again need to be shouted from the roof tops, and shared in every media possible, and let us pray for the lives and souls of those who are blessed to be able to have someone share what happened in these events from a loving God. And I wanted to share a moment with each of you out of the love of a Grandfather, who was able to be with grandchildren during the Solemnity of Mary Mass, when my 12 year old granddaughter knelt and received Jesus on her tongue for the first time, and her 16 yr. old brother who was behind her and genuflected before receiving the Blessed Sacrament, something that does not happen but very rarely today, please continue praying for all the children, that they will be able to start a new generation of those who can be seen again to Glorify the Eucharistic Lord and be an example to younger children and adults. Let us have a blessed new year where we are asking Mary to lead us to again venerate on our knees, the King of Kings. Love and prayers in Christ, GregoryMary

On December 8 of 1991, Father Otty Ossa Aristizábal was celebrating Mass in the chapel of the Shrine of Betania in Cúa and during the consecration, saw the Host bleeding. The miraculous Host is preserved in the city of Los Teques, at the convent of the Augustinian Recollects Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where It is permanently exposed for the adoration of the faithful and It is visited every year by numerous pilgrims coming also from abroad. Many prodigious events have taken place, connected to the Host of the Miracle, among the one which stands out that occurred to a young American who filmed the miraculous Host pulsating like a heart, while It was exposed to the faithful.

This Eucharistic Miracle occurred during the midnight Mass of December 8, 1991, at the Marian Shrine of Finca Betania in Cúa, Venezuela. Father Otty, Chaplain of the Shrine, thus describes the event: “After having consumed one of the pieces of the large Host which I had divided into 4 parts, I returned them to the paten. A little later I looked down towards the paten and I could not believe what I saw: one of the pieces of the Host that I divided was showing a red spot and from It a red substance began to emanate, similar to the manner in which blood escapes from a wound.

After Mass, I took the Host and preserved It safely in the sacristy of the Shrine. The next day, at 6 in the morning, I went to see the Host and verified that some blood continued to flow that a little later began to dry. However, still today, the blood appears as fresh. The strange thing is that the blood flowed only from one side of the Particle, nevertheless, without staining the remainder of the Eucharistic species”.

During the Mass there were numerous pilgrims who immediately verified that the priest did not have wounds from which the blood present in the Host could have flowed. Besides, from the analyses, the result concluded that the blood of the priest did not match the one of the Particle. The Host of the Miracle was subjected to some special studies, requested by the then Bishop of Los Teques, H. E. Most Reverend Pio Bello Ricardo, and the results confirmed that the blood was human blood of type AB positive which matches the one found in the cloth of the Shroud of Turin and in the Host of the Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, that occurred in Italy in 750 AD and was analyzed by 500 commissions of the World Health Organization.

Since then the Host has been an object of veneration and of devotion on the part of thousands of pilgrims coming not only from Venezuela but from the whole world. It is possible to go to the convent of the Augustinian Recollects Nuns of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Los Teques to see the miraculous Host all the days of the year at any hour in their chapel devoted to Perpetual Adoration.

A young faithful from New Jersey, Daniel J. Sanford, having gone on a pilgrimage to the Convent of the Augustinians to see the bleeding Host, was able to film another miraculous episode. Here is the story: “On the 12th of November of 1998 I went on pilgrimage to Betania with a prayer group and they took us to see the miraculous Host of Betania in the Chapel of the Augustinian Sisters of Los Teques. Our spiritual director, Father Mazzarella, celebrated the Mass. After the celebration ended he opened the door of the Tabernacle which contained the Host of the Miracle. With great astonishment I saw that the Host was as if in flames, and there was a Pulsating Heart that was bleeding in Its center. I saw this for about 30 seconds or so, then the Host returned to normal. I was able to film a part of this miracle with my video camera...”.

The new Tabernacle is located in the chapel of Perpetual Adoration at the convent of the Augustinians Recollects of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Los Teques, where the relics of the Eucharistic Miracle of Betania have been transferred.

Miraculous Communions

Blessed Thomas of Cori (1655-1729) at age 22, entered the Franciscan Order of Friars Minor, at the monastery of the Most Holy Trinity in Orvieto, Italy.

In his apostolate, he was distinguished by his exemplary practice of the Christian virtues. Several times during Mass, he had various apparitions of the Child Jesus. One day, Saint Lucia Filippini was making her way to Pitigliano near Grosseto, to supervise a school for craftsmen which she had founded. First, however, she stopped at the church of the Franciscan Fathers to attend Holy Mass.

So great was Lucia’s desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist that the Lord wished to reward her with a miracle.

When the priest was breaking the large Host in half to place a small Fragment in the chalice, this very Part escaped his hand and flew into the air, radiating light, and came to rest on the tongue of the future saint. Today, the shrine where the miracle took place is under the care of the devout Filipini Sisters.

Blessed Emilia Bicchieri was the foundress of the Dominican Third Order Regular and always nurtured a great love for the Blessed Sacrament.

One day while she was taking care of a fellow Sister who was very sick, she lost track of the time and so arrived at the end of the Holy Mass, thus missing Holy Communion.

At that point, she began to express her regret to the Lord for not having been able to receive Him, and suddenly an angel miraculously appeared to her and gave her Holy Communion.

Blessed Emilia Bicchieri of the Five Wounds, in the last years of her life, was prevented from participating at Holy Mass because of a severe illness that left her bed-ridden.

There were many episodes in which some of the priests, especially Father Bianchi, saw a particle of the consecrated large Host and a small amount of the consecrated wine disappear during their Mass; it was the saint’s Guardian Angel who brought her Communion.

Blessed Imelda Lambertini, from childhood, already showed a great love for the Eucharistic Jesus but the chaplain reminded her that she could only receive Communion when she turned 14.

Nevertheless on May 12, 1333 (Ascension Vigil), she went to Mass and presented herself to receive Holy Communion.

The priest ignored her completely but the Lord wished to grant the desire of little Imelda.

A Host radiating light rose up in flight, and stopped in front of Imelda. After she received the Body of Christ, her pure white soul flew straight up to heaven. Blessed Imelda is Patroness of First Communions.

Saint Juliana Falconieri was always most devoted to the Holy Eucharist.

In the last days of her life, a stomach ailment which had afflicted her for a long time, as it became more acute, prevented her from receiving Communion.

Before her death in 1341, she asked that a consecrated Host be placed on her chest, and as she recited a prayer, the Host disappeared and left a violet mark, as if the mark had been branded there. She was beatified in 1678 and canonized in 1737.

In earlier times, eight years old was too young an age to receive the Eucharist,

but St. Gerard Magella could not resign himself to the fact and would weep with such desolation that Heaven itself was moved to pity.

One night, Saint Michael approached him, placed a white Host on his tongue like the one the priest had refused to give him, and vanished from sight.

The following morning, happy and triumphant, Gerard admitted candidly: “The priest refused me Holy Communion, but last night St. Michael the Archangel brought Holy Communion to me."

The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of Christ?

You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and also the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and of the table of demons.

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.

For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the death of the Lord until he comes.

Therefore whoever eats the bread or drinks the cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer for the body and blood of the Lord.

Saint Bonaventure receiving Communion from the hand of an Angel, The Hieron Museum Saint Bernard exorcising a woman with the Blessed Sacrament, The Hieron Museum Saint Secondo, before dying, receiving Holy Communion brought by a Dove,

Saint Jerome Blessed James of Montieri (Giacomo da Montieri), lived for long periods of time being nourished only by the Eucharist.

Jesus Himself gave him Holy Communion on various occasions.

A great miracle performed by St. Basilius, Bishop of Caesarea, Cappadocia.

A young man, who loved his master's daughter, Satan, his enemy and the enemy of the human race, deceived him. Satan made him resort to a magician who made him write a covenant to deny the faith and to surrender completely to Satan, so that Satan might grant him his wish.

Satan kindled lust in the heart of the girl, and she loved the young man exceedingly. She asked her father insistingly not to object to her marriage to that young man. Eager for his honor and fearing for her life, he married her to him.

When she had spent with him a long period of time, she noticed that he did not enter the church or partake of the Holy Sacraments, or make the sign of the Holy Cross over himself. She revealed to him her doubt about his faith and his love of God. He told her what had happened to him, and how he had written to Satan a covenant of obedience till death.

She cried much and rebuked him for his deed. She took him to St. Basilius, Bishop of Caesarea. He listened to the confession of the young man and saw his grief and desire to go back to the life of worship, fellowship, and righteousness.

St. Basilius comforted him and asked him to stay with him for a while in seclusion, fasting and praying. He shut him up in a nearby room for three days. On the third day St. Basilius visited him and the young man told him that the evil spirits had not ceased disturbing and fighting him in many ways. He strengthened him, calmed him down, gave him food and prayed for him. St. Basilius asked him to remain in seclusion, praying and fasting.

After a few days, he came back to visit him again. The young man told St. Basilius that he did not see the devils any more, but he still heard their cries and threats. St. Basilius fed him again and prayed for him and left him to the life of seclusion to fight and pray, and the bishop went to pray on his behalf also. And this went on until 40 days were completed. When the Saint came to him and asked him about his state, he told the Saint that he saw him (the Saint) fighting against Satan on his behalf, and he vanquished him and finally was victorious.

The Bishop gathered all the priests and the monks and prayed for the young man all that night. On the following morning he led him into the church while everyone was crying, "Lord have mercy on us," and they continued to cry out until that writing, which the young man had written as a covenant to deny the faith and to surrender to Satan, fell down in the midst of all the people. The Bishop, the young man and his wife, and all the people rejoiced exceedingly. The Bishop blessed that man and administered to him the Holy Sacraments. The man and his wife departed to their house full of joy for the peace and repentance they received. They praised God and thanked St. Basilius by whose prayers they were saved.

The blessings of his prayers be with us all, and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.


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