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The Catholic Defender: Will the current Coup D'e tat against President Trump be defeated

A coup or coup d'état is the removal of an existing government from power, usually through violent means. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military, or a dictator. A sudden and decisive action in politics, especially one resulting in a change of government illegally or by force.

From the time President Trump took that famous Golden escalator ride, the far left sought every way to destroy his campaign. The Mueller investigation lasting two years costing nearly $40,000,000, not to mention the Clinton Lawyers waging that investigation going after anyone associated with President Trump. The code name for this was "crossfire hurricane".

The second Coup D'etat occurs when the Democrats alleged that Trump had solicited foreign interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election to help his re-election bid, Then the impeachment attempt was sent to the Senate and he was acquitted of these charges on February 5, 2020.

This third Coup D'etat started with the planning of how to steal an election. The road signs along the way from February to November can be read in their planning from having the state courts change laws to help them. Millions of mail-in-ballots were sent all over to be on the ready if they were needed. Because of the mass support that President Trump received (over 70,000,000) they needed this fake ballots to come in to be counted with the legitimate ones.

The media, which has been against President Trump 95% of the time since the very beginning, was willing participants in this Coup D'etat. The media is playing a major role in this current Coup D'etat as CNN first called the election for Biden Saturday, 7 2020. Then NBC, MSNBC, CBS and ABC soon followed. The Associated Press and Fox News followed soon after.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are now claiming victory and this Coup D'etat seems to be more accepted listening to the news. However, this is all premature as the many voter fraud issues that remain will be forth coming. The election is not over until the Electoral College seals the election. 71,000,000 votes for President Trump is the highest in history. To beat that, Biden would have to depend on the Supreme Court to disregard the crime. We shall see.


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