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The Catholic Defender: What is the difference between Timothy George Simkins and Ethan Crumbley

The issues between both 18 year old Timothy George Simpkins (Timberview High School) Texas and 15 year old Ethan Crumbley (Oxford High School) Michigan are in no way connected as one is from Texas and the other is from Michigan. Both incidences took place within two months of each other, yet, the media reaction and the law I find very confusing.

Timothy George Simpkins faces three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one of those counts (A 15 year old victim) remains in critical condition at this writing. Shockingly, despite fleeing from the scene before turning himself in with his attorney, he was released from the Tarrant County Jail the very next day on $75,000 Bond.

Simpkins was placed on house arrest with a GPS monitor and part of his stipulation is he can not possess any firearm nor have contact with any of the victims he shot.

Simpkins brought a gun to school and pulled it out and began shooting people as a result of a fight between students. What has me confused is that moments after Simpkins family and supporters gathered at the jail, Simpkins was released from the jail wearing a blue cap and a T-shirt.

The local news asked Simpkins if he was "sorry" for shooting his victims, he gave no response. The family was concerned about threats coming from the public. It is possible that Simpkins could face 20 years in prison if found guilty of the crime.

The fact that he took a gun to school, how did he get the gun? How was the gun concealed to bring in such a weapon into the school? Were the parents threatened to be charged, are they responsible?

Ethan Crumbley faces four counts of murder as he brought a gun into school with intent to kill. Crumbley had made some videos and drawings that did alert some of the teachers who called for a meeting with Ethan Crumbley's parents, James and Jennifer Crumbley. The parents agreed with the school administration that Ethan needed help.

What is confusing to me as both, Timothy George Simpkins and Ethan Crumbley are equally wrong for taking a gun into the school, both are equally wrong for shooting a gun in the school, and how tragic it is to the families victimized by these thugs and murderers. Both of them should be tried as adults and both should be in prison.

Unlike the Simpkins who seem to take their son home as if a hero, the law enforcement is seeking to try the parents of Ethan Crumbly because of what their son did? It seems like the police had a manhunt after the parents who were found near Detroit hiding from what they claimed were death threats. They rejected that they were on the run for Canada.

Listening to what the Parents did I can't see where they broke the law? They bought a gun legally and took Ethan legally to a gun range for target practice. Their son took the gun out of the parents drawer which is a serious problem, but they were unaware that Ethan took it to school. The shooter had the gun concealed in his back pack even as the parents agreed to arrange counseling. The school should be at least culpable as they released Ethan back to class.

I can't help but think that the prosecutor going after the parents is wanting to play politics making the parents a lessen for others who buy a gun for their children. If they are guilty for legally buying a gun for a 15 year old, then there would be millions more people that should be concerned. I fear that in Michigan they are wanting to use this to go after law abiding citizens.

There are things to learn to reinforce what could help prevent such a tragedy. If your going to have any guns in the house, they should be locked up and kept safe and sound. If the school has concern over the actions of a student, especially one that threatens other students, they should ensure they get the help needed. The police should be notified to ensure things at home were safe and secure. The issue is that the Prosecutor seeks to make an example of the parents who did nothing illegal.

For me, I am all about protecting all our students who should be able to go to school without this kind of potential violence. All school shootings should be treated the same, they should not be released the next day and the parents should not be held accountable for the evil done unless they are responsible. We need to pray for our country as death has become a major part of life from Abortion to everything imaginable. Please pray for the victims and their families.

Listening to the Biden Administration, they seem to be blaming covid for these crimes like the thugs looting businesses and committing violence.

As an after thought, how much better this would be if the schools were more about teaching students how to think as opposed to what to think. Teaching students how to read, write, and arithmetic might be something to consider. Teaching CRT is not doing so well.


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