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The Catholic Defender: The on going Presidential Race still working to be certified

The above map is the most current map that I have seen that shows President Trump currently in the lead. Because this map reveals the current race, Google, Facebook, and Twitter along with the mainline media they are hoping to shut it down. I placed this map on my Facebook page and on my Hotmail account where Facebook is calling this "False Information" through their "Fact Checkers".

I responded to Facebook asking who are their "Fact Checkers" to label the above as "False Information"? Are they contending that the above States colored grey on the map are not being counted, recounted, or under litigation? That these States are pursuing to count all legal votes and not simply all votes.

I do have concern from listening to Fox News admitting there have been problems but they are not sure it will make any difference because the fraud has been entered with the actual votes. I am like Rudy Giuliani that all such illegal votes should be tossed out on constitutional grounds. Any Ballot that did not have the legal supervision to ensure the vote count must not count. These ballots could not be certified and those doing voter fraud should not be rewarded for their cheating.

The evening of November 3, 2020 President Trump was many hundreds of votes ahead well on his way to victory before they brought in these bad ballots in the close of darkness. Even now Real Clear Politics have taken Pennsylvania's electoral votes away from the Biden column which is not being reported by the Facebook "Fact Checkers" or the mainline media. They want Biden to win at all costs.

Seems like Newsmax is the only mainline cable news network that has not called the election like everyone else including Fox News. As a result, millions have begun moving away from Fox towards Newsmax. President Trump is actually encouraging it.

Another major consideration that is being investigated is the computer system called Dominion that has had several problems from switching hundreds of thousands of votes from President Trump to Joe Biden. How could 138,000 votes from Milwaukee go to Joe Biden and a giant goose egg for President Trump? Dominion, incidentally, it has been reported that Democrats Senator Dianne Feinstein, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Billionaire George Soro's among others have investment there.

The reports coming from these investigations with Dominion are concerned with a number of problems and causes of concern. A major problem concerns training and human error could have been a major issue. There could be problems in the system itself, that it was not secure. Hacking was a major possibility and fortunately, experts can audit these machines for evidence. How could 96 thousand ballots in Georgia voted only for Biden? Among these there were none for President Troop and no votes were down line for other races. High number of unusual ballots.

Sadly, Facebook's "Fact Checkers" and the high teck/media have an agenda to prevent these truths from the public. Try to Google any of this issues and you can see the hostility to anyone doing this investigation. The Lincoln Project is harassing lawyers who are helping President Trump giving out their information.

We have a long time to go before December 14 when the Electoral College are suppose to certify the election.. I'm afraid that the Biden people might react as George Bret of the Kansas City Royals did some years ago:

In this video, Rudy Giuliani represents the Yankees Managers and Biden and the media represents George Bret!


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