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The Catholic Defender: The Day of Reckoning

What is happening in America today is a continuation of the Bolshevik Revolution that began in 1917 when the Bolsheviks were led by Vladimir Lenin. They were "Far Leftist" rebelling against the more conservative government. There is an interesting prophesy coming from Our Lady of Fatima, July 13, 1917:

"God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The [First World] war is going to end; if people do not cease offending God, a worse one will break out during the pontificate of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions of the Church and of the Holy Father. To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart, and the communion of reparation on the first Saturday's. If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world."

We have seen this threat expanding as Communism has reached all over the world. In the 1920-30's Communism was becoming solidified in Mexico bringing on a widespread struggle known as the "Cristero War". The people of Mexico was enduring the imposition of "secularism" and the "anticlerical" articles of the 1917 "Constitution of Mexico" which imposed "state atheism".

As recently as 2012, Chinese President Xi Jinping told the Communist Party (CCP) Leadership:

"The eventual demise of capitalism and the ultimate victory of socialism must be a long historical process.   We must profoundly understand the self-regulating ability of capitalist society, fully appraise the objective reality of the long-term advantage of Western developed countries in the economic, scientific and military spheres and conscientiously prepare for all aspects of long-term cooperation and struggle between the two social systems."

Communism today is still led by Russia and China, but it has passed down to countries that oppose the United States Constitution of Freedom. Cuba and Venezuela are examples who blame the United States for their failures. The Soviet Union ultimately collapsed as a result of the Arms race with the United States. What has been threatening the United States is the moral decline from within. Joe Biden is promising to allow men in prison who claim to be "female" to serve their time in women prisons. That is the tip of the iceberg coming to the United States.

The Democrats are looking to push America to a Communist state that will radically suppress the freedom of Religion and the American Constitution. Interestingly, as I am writing this article, I received a call (202-362-0918) area code Washington D.C. with a message in Chinese. That is like a shot over the bow what is to come.

As multitudes of illegal aliens threaten our Southern Boarder because of Joe Biden's plan to welcome any and all into America with the globalist plan for a one world government, the Church will suffer persecution. All this was warned by Our Lady of Fatima that this was coming. As Americans we have been desensitized by the idea that America was like the Titanic, it would not fall. However, like "Red Dawn", our young has been led away with the process of consecration camps (public schools and colleges) acting like the "Pied Piper" leading our country away from faith, family, and patriotism.

Growing up I wondered where America would be during the prophetic wars and it seems more clear that we will not stand for our basic freedoms. I pray I am wrong on this, but I must go back to what Our Lady of Fatima called for. The Rosary is essential, the First Five Saturdays is another request, keep praying for America even as Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah. Pray that we go the way of Nineveh.

[Based on 1 Timothy 6:5, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15, 2 Timothy 4:3, Romans 16:17]

It's not so hard to understand what people see in you

You tell them it's okay to have their cake and eat it too

You traded truth for Godless gain and no one will suspect

You're such a clever counterfeit of all that you reject

Pied piper, playin' the tune they want to hear

Putting a tickle in their ear

Pied piper, wanting them all to follow you

Not know where you lead them too

But all the time you're leading them astray

The sheep just sit there grinning as they listen to your lies

Never knowing when you pull the wool over their eyes

You've got them trained to say "How high?" whenever you say "Jump!"

And those who disagree with you, you always seem to stump

You may not mean to harm a soul you say you're innocent

But when the final tally comes, you made more than you spent

You knew they'd have to pay the price for listening to you

You knew before too long they'd have to pay the Piper too


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