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The Catholic Defender: President Trump still hanging in the race with a possible divine plan

Father Frank Pavone on Facebook presented this video that I found on a great Catholic Face Book Page

The story line begins with the Child Mary who would one day become the Mother of Jesus and where she was raised in Nazareth. This is the very house that the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary recorded in the Gospel of St. Luke 1:26 (the Incarnation). What is unique about this home of the Virgin Mary is that today it is not located in Nazareth. It is in Loreto Italy where today the house faces the Adriatic Sea.

With the threat of the Muslims imminent destruction of Jerusalem to the Turks, to preserve this house from destruction, angels in 1291 transported the home from Nazareth to Dlamatia and the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared here and as a result, there were the reports of many miracles. Today, the very age of the home, the very materials used to build it shows the house was from Nazareth in the time of the Child Mary.

Nazareth bears the place where the Home of the Child Mary stood, but the home itself is not there. In the 13th century, Mary's home some how traveled nearly 2,000 miles to a distant land. Interestingly, this event took place in 1291. Professor Giorgio Nicolini took a scientific study of what happened:

1.  On May 9, 1291, the Holy House was still in Nazareth.

2.  On the night of May 9 to 10, 1291, it traveled nearly 2,000 miles and reached Tersatto (now Trsat), in the region of Dalmatia, in what is now a suburb of Rijeka, Croatia. On that occasion, Nicolò Frangipane, feudal lord of Tersatto personally sent a delegation to Nazareth to ascertain whether the Holy House had indeed disappeared from its original place. The emissaries not only verified its disappearance but found the foundation on which the house was built and from which the walls had been taken away as a block. Around these foundations in Nazareth, the Basilica of the Annunciation was built. In Loreto, the Holy House stands firmly, without its foundation, directly on the ground.

3.  On the night of December 9 to 10, 1294, the Holy House disappeared from Tersatto and landed “in various places” of Italy. For nine months it stayed on a hillside overlooking the port of Ancona, which thus came to be called “Posatora,” from the Latin “posat et ora” (to set down, or land, and pray).

A church was built on the site as a memorial, as was recorded at the time and signed by a priest “Don Matteo,” probably an eyewitness.

Two tombstones also commemorate this occurrence. One is from the same time period of the event and is written in old Vulgar Latin. The other, from the sixteenth century, is written in vernacular and is a copy of the older.

Posatora’s oldest tombstone already mentioned “Our Lady of Loreto,” making it clear that the inscription was done after the House’s departure from the site.

4.  In 1295, after nine months in Posatora, the Holy House moved to a forest that belonged to a woman called Loreta, near the town of Recanati. That is where the name Loreto comes from.

5.  Between 1295 and 1296, after spending eight months in this location the Holy House was miraculously transported to a farm on Mount Prodo belonging to two brothers of the Antici family.

6.  In 1296, after four months at this farm, the Holy House departed and landed on a public road on Mount Prodo connecting Recanati to Ancona, where it remains to this day.

These movements of Mary's home has been attributed to Angelic actions which Saints and Popes have approved. With God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26)

The Priest in this video shares his story about his journey to the house in Loreto at the request of Dr. Cluade Curren. He wanted him to meet Tom Zimmer, author of the prayer book "The Pieta" and a most interesting happening took place at the Vatican in the 1980's, the Holy Doors at St. Peters, a brick, and Donald J Trump.

After watching this video, take a look at what is current regarding President Trump! Consider from his first term, despite the fact he has been opposed more than anyone in modern times, he has done more for the Catholic Faith and other denominations I have seen in my life time.

Just look at what is happening in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. What has happened November 3, 2020 would be a miracle if President Trump should overcome the cheating taking place. The mail-in voting used to post fraudulent votes with no supervision. 138,000 ballots without a single Vote for President Trump hit Michigan? The Media totally using an agenda to defeat President Trump, polls were way off to affect the vote.

Wisconsin has a great example what I am talking about. There were more voters counted (3,289,421) than those registered were 3,129,000 showing 160,421 more votes than voters. Millions of these mail-in ballots were mailed out and obvious fraud has taken place. Consider that at the very end of the night, ballots simply materialize, observers were kicked out and somehow President Trump after leading by 117,000 with over 90% counted somehow fell behind and lost by 20,513 votes? President Trump is calling for a recount! If this is found true, this would definitely be election fraud which is a felony falling under 18 US Code Chapter 115 Sedition & Treason.

Something I had never seen before as I had been all day and night followed the results State by State, when it looked like President Trump was going to win Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona. all simultaneously seemed to stop counting? Then out of nowhere, President Trump's lead fell and we are headed to the courts.

Arizona was called for Biden despite the fact that 430,000 votes are still to be counted while President Trump is behind by just over 50,000. Last night President Trump gained 11,000 votes. Also, people were told to mark their ballot with a marker that the counters would not read. People were being cheated in Arizona.

If President Trump ends up winning this election, I might really recognize that there is a miraculous brick at the Vatican that was placed decades ago giving me a grace of wonder.


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