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The Catholic Defender: Possible Espionage Against the Catholic Church

If you happen to see this image presenting itself to be a "Catholic" Radio station do not be deceived, it's given founder, alias John Benko is a known anti-Christian who has worked against the morals of the Catholic Faith sending perverted messages against true Catholic Representatives. To include at least one wife.

There also are individuals posing to be "Catholic" Apologists. True Catholic Apologists would never consort to serve under the treachery of John Benko who has invented an espionage setup posing as a Catholic site. No true Catholic Representative would approve of the antics of John Benko. Benko himself masquerades. as a Bonafide Catholic Apologist, but he is far from it. His reported misrepresentations, his attacks on honest Catholic churchmen leaders and laity alike. I myself have been friends with some of those who have joined posing with John Benko, sadly, they no more themselves act in the way I knew them. They continue to lodge personal attacks against a true Catholic Radio Show, Deepertruth Radio and Donald Hartley, the Catholic Defender. To these posers, they applaude John Benko for entering Donald Hartley's Web-Page and commit sabotage acts. I reached out to two of these Benko followers about Benko who has unfriended me with Benko's intent to destroy Deepertruth. That will never happen.

Deepertruth does not get into the name calling antics of the 4 persons of John Benko. Benko has created FAKE emails to hide himself among Deepertruth followers to create false articles to deceive innocent Catholics of the Truth of Deepertruth. No true Catholic Apologist would succumb to the many Benko counter measures against the Truth of the Catholic Faith. Be concerned when you see the Benko 4 person image. It is full of deceptions such as Benkos latest falsehood that This morning, The 4 Persons placed a 3rd show in the Christian top 10. 4 Top 10s (including a #1) in less than 4 months on Blogtalk radio. This isn't sitting well with Don Hartley, (1) the Catholic Pretender (2) who continues to lash out violently against every one (3). His highest rated show sits at #24. We have been ranked higher than him 99 out of the past 100 days. It is true that part of that is because we are just delivering a far superior product with far superior people. ( The other part is that he is totally unhinged (3) and people are blocking him and fleeing from his Tasmanian Devilish (4) rants.

What Benko is not saying is that he is throwing garbage and expects me to not respond. When I do he does not look at facts, he simply comes with more garbage, no facts, he has his posers to back him up. Just for the record, deepertruth has a great history of top 10's over John Benko, recently, I was working out a new contract with Blog Talk Radio.

Episodes 2628 Followers 194 Listens 207153 Deepertruth Radio update from 7/28/2023 207,162 update 207,175 7/30/2023

Episodes 133 Followers 11 Listens 1505 The 4 persons Radio 7/28/2023 1513 update 7/30/2023 1527

We hit the 206 thousand mark last week Since last week we have hit 1,162.

That really tells it all that even his posers can't change with distortion.

I was deployed by the United States Army to teach and instruct Iraqi Medical personal on Aid Stations and their Fire Fighters which aided our allies in the area.

I was deployed by the Catholic Church through the Archdiocese of the Military to offer Catholic Communion Services in the absence of a Catholic Priest in our theatre of Operations. I led the RCIA in Baghdad, Rosaries, I helped saved many American lives due to my leadership. There is so much I can report on this. We saved hundreds of our Soldiers in combat operation. John Benko and his posers of the 4 persons as you can see in this blog, they are not a true Catholic source. Be careful when you see anyone with their logo on their Facebook pages.

There are members of Deepertruth and also Members of the 4 persons who wish this would all end. I would like nothing Better, but Benko can't help himself as long as his posers continue their support. If some of Benko's Clan would decline doing shows for him, maybe that might wake Benko up.

Who is the one ranting? It is John Benko and his squad of posers.

A good friend of Deepertruth will not agree with the posers at the 4 persons.

The 4 Persons moves back into Top 10 while Hartley has epic meltdown? Luke, do you really believe Benko's hogwash? Let's check this out for a second, Deepertruth Episodes 2628 Followers 194 Listens 207153, The 4 Persons Episodes 132 Followers 11 Listens 1505, this is part of Benko's Altar Ego, he is in his own dream land he invites his clan to join him. But those who know me, the Catholic Defender is not having any kind of meltdown. All Benko really has is his hatred for me and Deepertruth because I fired him for his actions. So my demise put out by the Benko Clan is exagerated considerable that they created false shows for ratings. But in the end, it will backfire because Benko can not help himself. Some of those who listen to the Benko lies are former friends of mine. For every friend I've lost because of Benko, I gain ten more. Comparing our blogs, I am right now at 37,100,000, Benko is at present 5,090,000, These numbers fluctuate, I'll go up to nearly 70,000,000 and Benko will go down to over 3,000,000. As you listen to Benko's meltdown show, keep all this in mind.


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