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The Catholic Defender: Blinded Eyes allowing America to fall

Petra singing Blinded Eyes that should help wake us up. The Democrats are pushing America into a Secular State and Republicans are allowing them. America needs faithful people who will honor our Constitution granting our freedom of Religion.

We need to ensure that Biden does not collect all the votes that are not legal. Every illegal vote counters a legal vote. The Electors must vote for President Trump!

Words and music by Bob Hartman

Based on Matthew 15: 14, 1 Corinthians 4: 3-6, Ephesians 4: 18

Don't know where you're going but you think you know the way 20-20 vision but you can't see the light of day Road is wide or narrow but you can't tell which is which Blind will follow blind and you'll both end up in the ditch Can't you see you can't see? Don't you know - you don't know?

Blinded eyes can't see the light When it's glowing in the night right in front of you Blinded eyes can't see the truth When it's written on the wall in plain view Blinded eyes can't see the Son Or the work that He has done out of love for you Blinded eyes…


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