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The Catholic Defender: Biden is an "Anti-President"

Throughout the history of the Church, there have been times when men have attempted to take over the papacy. Emperors and rulers tried to control or influence the Papacy to further their own ambitions. In some cases, they appointed 'anti-popes' to support them deposing the true Pope according to Canon Law.

An anti-pope is a man who has been improperly elected appointed as Pope. The first anti-pope was Hippolytus (217 A.D.) and the last anti-pope was Felix V (1440-1449). In all there have been 27 anti-popes none of which are listed in the line of the Popes.

What we have witnessed in this last November election, there were powerful people who have sought to depose the true President who had won the Electoral College for the purpose to place into power one who will bring about their biding.

A major conspiracy took place as America has been hijacked by powerful men, by the media, by the higher places of learning, by a radical Socialist agenda. The Democrat Party is acting no less evil than those Emperors and rulers who sought to steal the Papacy. Never has the Constitution of the United States faced such a threat as did the Church when it was challenged by the same darkness.

This is why so many people are concerned about what is going to happen to our country when Biden assumes the office January 20, 2021. If VP Pence would have certified the Electors appointed by the State Legislature, President Trump would have won the election. But because he did not follow the Constitution as directed, an impostor will take that office.

Biden is not a "president Elect", but in reality he is an "Anti-President".


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