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The Catholic Defender: Meeting the Challenge

Friday September 14, 2007: It's wild how you can wake up to mortars hitting nearby, how bullets can be heard fired in the distance. There is still a peace that only God can give even in this place. Humility always trumps pride, mercy always trumps vengeance. I have Soldiers who deployed here to this land that were barely men, almost kids. Since we have been here for 10 months, most of them have grown up to be men, heroes, veterans. I have sent them to do thousands of combat missions, dangerous missions. We have an enemy that does not come out into the open, they hide among the population. They place bombs out in the road wanting to kill. They want to teach children how to become suicide bombers to kill. They want to go after innocent civilians playing soccer to kill. They want to enter the United States of America to kill. That's why I hope and pray that we are allowed to win this war. To keep America safe. Padre Pio called the rosary the "weapon". I pledge to pray it to keep America safe from this great evil.

Gigi told me that she particularly liked this post, she shared it with her fellow workers and boss where she works at Ft. Hood and sent a copy of it with a personal note to Sean Hannity and even to President Bush! Do you think those guys really take the time to read all this stuff? Well, it was cool just the same!!! I have one of the great Military wives of our time!!! I know we have several others on this board, some who has husbands over here now. I guess this post is dedicated to all of you cause I know you feel the same towards your husbands over here. God bless the faithful and chaste wife, you are priceless! God bless you all!

Saturday September 15, 2007: I had the opportunity to speak with Monsignor Newland, the Chancellor at the Archdiocese of the Military in Washington D.C. He is a very gracious man of God. Please pray for his Ministry as with the support of the Bishop. We are getting a new Bishop and may the Lord bless him as we move forward. There are many Catholics in the Military and we need to be able to support those soldiers out on the front-line. That was one of the topics we discussed. God bless you all!

Sunday Sep 16, 2007: This morning went very well, but it had a couple of twists! It begins when one of the Candidates arrives with their sponsor. Being cordial, I simply asked him how long he had been in Iraq. He responded that he had been here almost 9 months. I asked him what Mass he went to because I never seen him before. At this point, he admitted that he had not been to Mass since he got here. I was surprised by that and asked him how he hadn't been to Mass in 9 months, what kind of missions did he do that kept him from going. He admitted he just preferred to sleep in on Sunday.

Considering we have Mass at Division at 10:30 and at Warrior chapel at 13:00 I began to challenge him. I noticed he had no wedding ring, but I asked him if he planned to get married some day. He responded yes! I asked him if he would want to kiss his wife when he got married. He said all the time. I asked him what he would think if his wife would tell him she would kiss him once a year, on their Wedding anniversary or perhaps on another special day of the year. He looked at me like that would not fly well with him. Then I told him he was acting like the wife to the Lord.

I told him that Matthew 26:28 said "This is the cup of my blood, the blood of the new and everlasting Covenant, it will be shed for you and for all so that sins may be forgiven, do this in memory of me". When you go to Communion, you renew the Covenant with Him. At this point, Father just entered and I told him he needed to go to Confession. He was very surprised, but he was glad to go with Father. He came back a few minutes later actually feeling much better and glad he went. It was a great moment as it was good for our converts to see. The other situation occurred when I was reminding those receiving their first communion that the Priest was going to say, "The body of Christ" and they were to respond, "Amen". I then stated that in doing so, you are receiving the actual body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ. That it wasn't symbolic as John Calvin had taught, but it was real.

At this point, I was getting ready to place everyone in line for procession when the Division "Protestant" Chaplain called me into another room and told me to have a seat. As I sat down he asked me what I thought of Jack Chick? I responded to him that Jack Chick is a liar, gave him the example about his story of Alberto Rivera who claimed to be ordained a Catholic Priest in Spain to undermine Protestant churches in Brazil. I told him that "Christianity Today", a respected Protestant magazine exposed the story as Alberto Rivera was actually in a Protestant seminary in Jamaica, married with two children.

Jack Chick is a liar as there are many such examples. Plus he preaches hate towards Catholics. I then likened it to him telling him that if I planted falsehoods about his church carrying bombs in their basements with the purpose of attacking Washington D.C., I'd be doing his religion an injustice. I don't think the Chaplain expected this kind of response from me. He didn't like my reference to John Calvin, but I did not speak ill of Calvin here, nor did I speak a falsehood about him. I was merely reinforcing the truth of the Gospel and giving the distinction.

I told Father about it later, he said this was the same Protestant Chaplain that was giving him a problem. He was also the same one who tried to make it difficult to pray the Rosary and hold a Catholic Bible study. I think he wants a generic Christianity that has no differences or no distinctions. I thought it was weird, especially since he did this right before Mass causing us to begin late.

Monday September 17, 2007: Thanks everybody, we are all part of the winning team! I have another group that will be received in the Church on October 14th. I have several Soldiers who are looking forward to this. On October 9th and 13th, I will be showing the movie, "The Miracle Of Our Lady Of Fatima" at both bible studies. That is a great movie and it is timely. Thank you all so much for your prayers, God's will be done and His Name be praised!

Friday September 21, 2007: I am very close to the above situation and can vouch the truth of it. I had many discussions with the individual and for him to even come into a church itself was awesome. He is now requesting Baptism and we are starting his instruction! This is very powerful! The "Rosary Patrol", stand in the gap! I had another friend who came to us today and prayed the Rosary with us. I asked him if everything was well at home. He told me his wife had been diagnosed with colon Cancer. We all prayed for him and his wife and dedicate the rosary for his wife. I ask you also to pray with us the rosary. The "Rosary Patrol" is exciting us!!!! God is so good!

Saturday September 22, 2007: We have another Soldier from another unit wanting to be Baptized, I will invite him to join us today at noon if he can to pray with us. Also, we might have an Anglican Chaplain join us to pray the Rosary too! That would be great if that can happen. Please keep praying for the adventures of the Rosary Patrol! Anyone else out there thinking about praying the rosary with us? The more people the better, even if it is one a week that would be great! God knows the way as life is a minefield.

Tonight, we had another new person that is requesting Baptism, it was awesome as we had several new people tonight. We had several people today at the rosary. It was really awesome. We have a Baptism tomorrow, and then we have a few more coming up on the 14th of October. It is exciting! God be praised!

Sunday September 23, 2007: I had a good discussion with a particular Protestant Chaplain who confided in me today that he plans to join the Catholic Church when he gets out of the Military. He want's to talk it over with me over coffee soon. He is convinced that the Catholic Church is the true Church. I am honored that he wants to talk to me about it. I told him that the Rosary Patrol would pray for him, it is exciting.

Thursday September 27, 2007: I need you all to pray for me tomorrow (the Catholic Defender) as I have become a star witness in defense of one of our Catholic Priests in a court proceeding. The Defense wants to use me as the main defense. This should be interesting as I maintain he is innocent and can prove it. Still, pray for us as you know how the media would foam at the mouth with a new juicy story about a Catholic Priest. Well, this is one the Catholic Defender can truly help. All you out there, please join the Rosary Patrol in this mission!

Friday September 28, 2007: Just a note about the hearing today, there were several who spoke out against him today. It was really sad as they almost made Father cry, he wanted to. I gave him a rosary book to hold on to as he endured the tough part of the day. The Catholic Defender was the last to testify and I think I did well for him. I hope to know more tomorrow, but I think he will do alright. It kind of reminded me of how many brought up trumped up charges against the Lord. I'm glad I was there for him today.

Saturday September 29, 2007: I have some awesome news to report!!! The board yesterday cleared Father of all wrong doing and his Ministry is perfectly intact! What a blessing this has become! My testimony turned out to be very important for his defense. I am so happy that this was the ruling! There were high brass going against him putting all kinds of garbage on him. I don't know all the details, but I'm informed my support was taken very highly by the board. God is so good and sometimes the good guys win!!!

Sunday September 30, 2007: I have to tell ya, his Mass today had a lot more enthusiasm and punch!!! Alot of weight was taken off his shoulders. Thank you all for your prayers and support in this matter! I can tell that he was relieved today and well rested. He will be back with us on Tuesday for the Rosary and evening bible study. I'm glad this situation is behind us! Yes, the angels are rejoicing tonight!!!

Early this morning I was awakened as I received a new Medic that just arrived in country. I could use another 5 or 6 more, but I am real glad to see this one come in. More to follow about his story.

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