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The Catholic Defender: Operation Boomerang as Democrats feel the heat

Watching the News, even Fox News, it is becoming harder to pay attention to the debate concerning the Democrats wanting to Impeach President Trump. House Speaker Pelosi before having a meeting with President Trump told the press that he was covering up a crime?

The House, the Senate, the FBI found no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Then the Mueller Report came forward without an indictment which have the Democrats going into a tissy fit?

They have been trying to subpoena close members of the Trump team and to a person have refused to show up before the House. Despite having the Mueller Report, it appears the Democrats want a do over because they can't accept the results of the Report.

No matter what you hear coming from the Media and the Democrats, this all boils down to the fact these people can't accept the results of the 2016 Election. Even before President Trump assumed office, the Democrats have been looking to undo a valid election because they hate President Trump. The fact that the economy is doing better than anytime the past 50 years, Minorities are doing better than ever in history.

From the very beginning President Trump has had to go against the Democrats, the Media, the Rhinos, even now there is one Republican wanting to make a name for himself by joining the Democrats?

No matter what good happens because of the policies that President Trump does, the Democrats will never budge in their opposition with the Republicans. From what is happening at the Southern Border with Mexico, to our crumbling Infrastructure, Americans are going to be hurt as a result of their "Swamp".

The Democrats are empowered unfortunately by useful idiots that after helping President Trump win the Presidency many of them voted for Democrats that are all about these false investigations to harass the President with the threat of impeachment.

Securing the border should be a concern of all Americans, yet much is being ignored because the Democrats are agenda driven and not truth driven. As a result, thousands of children are being sold as sex slaves, thousands of people die because of drugs, many are molested during the long trip through Mexico.

The Democrats act like they are worried about Russia interfering in our elections, but they have no problem with illegal aliens voting as long as they support Democrats.

Books are being written about the 2016 election showing how the Steel Dossier was used to first go after President Trump, warrants were authorized based on lies, the Democrats are stuck on Russian collusion, but they only see it against the innocent while they themselves are guilty.

This "coo de tah" which began during the Obama Administration who spied on the Trump Campaign, even attempting to have individuals volunteer for the Trump Campaign with the purpose to ensure Russian collusion. Fortunately for the Trump Administration the Obama plot did not work.

Despite the fact in two years, there were over a million pieces of evidence voluntarily given, 2800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, over 500 interviews, 19 lawyers, 40 FBI Officials, 230 orders for communication records, 13 requests to other nations for request of evidence, over $25,000.000 spent, and the fact nobody from the Counter Intelligence investigation that is designed to protect any campaign of any outside influence ever attempted to warn President Trump? With all this said, despite the loaded anti-Trump/pro-Democrat team headed by Mueller, there was no evidence of any crime.

The stage is being set for the 2020 Presidential Election, it is my hope and prayer that the Democrats will be totally defeated so that the next four years America would move forward. Now that AG Bill Barr is now looking at what began the

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