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The Catholic Defender Welcomes Kevin Sorbo to Appear on Deepertruth

Monday night (2/4/2019) Kevin Sorbo will appear on Deepertruth (8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, and 5:00 Pacific) to talk about the recent pro-Abortion news coming from New York and Virginia.

The motivation coming from faith, inspiring many through the Arts, Kevin Sorbo has been acting in movies that have a strong Christian foundation.

Kevin Sorbo is well known for his leading role as "Hercules" which ran for 6 seasons. I used to love this series, and I was not the only one!

Hercules became one of the most watched, highest rated television programs world wide.

One of my personal favorite movies that Kevin Sorbo stared is "God Is Not Dead"! This movie hits home for many people.

"God Is Not Dead" demonstrates much of what is taking place in many of our major leading universities today. Even our Christian colleges like Notre Dame and Georgetown have been affected due to the Liberalism being pushed by many professors all over the Nation.

What Kevin Sorbo and others are doing using the Arts is trying to save a generation that have been pushed to and beyond the boundaries. It is a call that the Lord has made using Pope St. John Paul II who recognized these times as the "Springtime of Evangelization" because of the great need.

The attack on the family has caused much suffering as souls are being lost to the terrible addictions to pornography, to drugs, and to the lack of faith.

I want to invite all of you to check out the show live Monday night as we will cover a lot of topics that all Christians care about.

I was doing a little research on Kevin Sorbo and I was able to see how the Lord drastically saved Kevin who suffered an injury not too different than what happened to me. His injury almost took away his health, his life, but today he is knocking out great works for all the family.

I can identify with his injury as today I have a titanium plate, screws, part of my right hip bone, and a plastic disk replacing my third cervical disk.

Abortion has always been built on a lie. Today, the lie is switching from 'abortion is a choice' to 'abortion is healthcare,’” Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, said.

He said a law recently passed in New York not only legalizes abortion essentially for any reason through all nine months of pregnancy but removes any protection for children born alive after abortion. Similar measures have been proposed in Virginia and several other states—all in the name of woman’s health.

The Lord has helped me greatly recover so I feel that Kevin Sorbo and I have some unique similarities. I will be posting the show on the Net Monday to prepare for the interview. From this article, all you have to do is google "Deeper Truth Radio" and the show will automatically pop up and you should be ready, just like listening to the radio! If you can't check in live, the archive will be there forever!

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