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The Catholic Defender: Hey Senator Chuck Schummer And Gang

Read these words: Russia had NO part of MY vote for President Donald Trump! Day after day, your news outlets continue your constant attacks and agenda. The sad thing is I know you know the truth, but you can't reconcile the fact that Hillary lost.

My vote for Donald Trump was because he won the Republican ticket. I would have supported Ted Cruz should he have won or any of the other original Republican field. Donald Trump is the President winning 30 plus States and that is the fact.

You want to try to credit Russia for Hillary's loss. First, you should blame Hillary for her loss, she has been on the wrong side of issues that most people care about, issues concerning a strong defense, Veterans, Family issues, faith issues, I can talk all day long why I opposed Hillary and the Democratic Party.

Yes, you got hit by Wiki Leaks, but as I recall, the media was in the tank for Hillary more than 90%. Despite the billions of dollars you spent for the Clinton Campaign, the targeted States, the false commercials, Trump won spending far less and holding to a consistent message.

I just wanted to send this simple ditty to you Senator and to your clones who seek to undo the election that you will NOT prevail, you, Adam Schiff and your gang will fail miserably.

It is my hope that you continue to fight everything that the Trump Administration does so that in 2018 you will lose several seats that will help America.

I know you surround yourselves with ultra left wing groups so that is all you hear, you really do not listen to the American people.

I am one of many millions who strongly reject the Liberal/Progressive agenda that you take for granted and expect to be mainstream.

You and your clones want to continue to fish for a Russian/Trump Connection, so much so that this is your passion and agenda regardless of the evidence. You want to keep this whole agenda feeding a willing and cooperative media.

My word for Representative Devin Nunes, keep doing what your doing. The only law we KNOW that was broken was the leaks to the press. Senator Schummer, shame on you and your gang who refuse to work for the American people but hold to an agenda that lost.

Truth be known, Trump's popularity is growing as you support the sanctuary cities and have forsaken common sense. I certainly hope that our message is not drowned out by your perverted agenda.

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