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The Catholic Defender: Dr. Jekyll Mr. Christian, A Political Commentary

Today's Gospel Jesus give us the most important narrative to forgive seventy-times seven, St. Peter had just asked Jesus if we should forgive someone who offends us seven times in a day.

Jesus response is incredible, our forgiveness is to be universal and always. We are probably in the most important political race in my lifetime because of all that is at stake for America and for the world.

During this campaign I've seen some really ugly things, brothers turning against each other, families torn apart. I am wanting to appeal to Christians in this blog. It is from us that the world is watching, how do we respond and react to what is going on.

The Media is back to it's old grind, the media is going after Donald Trump scrutinizing every word he says while at the same time is trying to minimize the damage of Hillary Clinton. Folks there is a reason for this, we see this every cycle but this time it seems extra noisy.

The Catholic Church is very strong on what it teaches concerning abortion, the Church teaches, "The Church teaches that human life is created and begins at the moment of conception. The Catholic Church sees abortion as the termination of an unborn life, and therefore, it's always wrong, sinful, and immoral. The circumstances by which that life was conceived are considered irrelevant."

Hillary Clinton does not recognize the rights of the unborn, to her, they are NOT Americans. She will enrich Planned Parenthood and erase the Hyde Amendment. Also she will attempt to force the Church to yield to the abortionist. Donald Trump is Pro-life and would defund Planned Parenthood, stripping away our tax dollar support. To the Catholic, this should be a no brainier yet, people will vote for Hillary because she is a woman.

Hillary Clinton supports the legal "marriage" of gays and will persecute all organizations opposed to it. Pope Francis recently states, "No other form of relationship between persons can be considered as an equivalent to this natural relationship between a man and a woman out of whose love children are born." The Sacrament of Marriage is exclusive to a man and a woman. Again, for the Catholic and all Christians, this also is a no brainier.

Yet, among Black and Hispanic Christians, and others too, but this is very confusing to me, Hispanics in particular? Their culture has always been family and faith oriented, just how they became a voting block for the Democrat Party is really puzzling. Sanctuary Cities and illegal aliens are a concern to everyone because of the drain on jobs, taxes, we spend hundreds of billions of dollars from health care to schooling. We are nearly 21 Trillion dollars in debt and we are endanger of imploding as a Country.

The stark contrast between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is day and night, but what is mind boggling is that some Christians are ready to throw in the towel, if Clinton wins here is what is at stake:

1. The direction of the Supreme Court. Right now the Court is considered a 4 to 4 court, but it leans left as we have seen in recent rulings on Gay Marriage. The next president will appoint Supreme Court Justices and the Court will become either more liberal under Clinton, or more Conservative and strong Constitutional Justices under Donald Trump.

2. Hillary Clinton will enhance Obamacare continuing her promise to follow Obama's thinking, even possibly appointing Obama to the Supreme Court.

3. Hillary will continue to raise taxes on the Middle Class to pay for her wild spending and liberal Progressive agenda. At no time under Obama did our economy ever reach 3% GDP, in fact, it barely rises above 1%. Jobs are going elsewhere in the world. Donald Trump will lower taxes and bring back jobs.

4. Hillary will continue to push out energy opportunities in the United States, she will destroy the coal industry and she will kill the oil leaving us dependent on foreign oil. Donald Trump will bring back the energy and steel industry bringing back millions of jobs.

5. Hillary will work to bring in thousands of Syrian "Refugees" that will flood our country with pro-Sharia law and having no real support for our Constitution or our way of life. To the Democrats, America is just another nation, nothing special about it. Donald Trump will make America first, he would ensure that anyone coming to America will be thoroughly vented and will stop the invasion taking place like we see in Europe.

6. Hillary will maintain and add to the massive regulations that are holding our nation hostage. This is the reason they say or economy is doing the best they can, but Donald Trump is saying this is the best that Hillary and the Democrats can do, but he can do much better planning to raise our GDP back to the 3-4% GDP.

7. Hillary will empower the IRS as her gestapo to enforce conservatives and Christians to fall in line to her liberal agenda. This will hurt business and families like never before. Donald Trump will effectively make the IRS more simpler and less intrusive on the American public.

8. Hillary will advance the anti-Israel rhetoric and support the deals made between Obama and Iran which gives 150 billion dollars to the largest state run of terror. Donald Trump will strengthen our ties with Israel recognizing Jerusalem as their capital and he will "renegotiate" this Iran deal! He will tear it to threads.

9. Hillary will increase the onslaught of Secularism in our higher education and courts, she will force the Church to go deeper into hiding. Outward resistance will meet Government retaliation. Donald Trump will defend Christians against Government intrusion. To the Christian bakers and photographers and others he will be defending against the judicial activism taking place on those who oppose the sin of Sodomy.

10. Hillary will bring to the Presidency the greatest threat of deceptions as she did as Secretary of State, bad things seem to happen to those who oppose the Clinton's. Our security and national interest will be horribly compromised, friends will not trust us and enemies will not fear us. Donald Trump will bring back leadership where it is desperately needed.

These are my top ten issues central in this Presidential race. Now, to you "NeverTrump" folks who prefer the Washington Cartel and the status quo, if you allow Hillary Clinton to win because of your dislike to Donald Trump, especially if your a Christian, your more like the Dr. Jekyll Mr. Christian that White Heart sings about. God is not your alibi, it's time to take off your mask.

An updated question in light of recent e-mails brought forward: Which is the larger threat, Hillary's "Climate Change" or Radical Islamic Terrorism? Go Donald!

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