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The Catholic Defender: The Terry Delp Story On Deepertruth Radio

In the words of Terry Delp, his story is of a "youth completely lost in the world of gangs and violence". As a result, in 1987, at age 14, Terry joined a gang that would take him down a dark road. He grew up in juvenile detention centers and later prisons.

In gangs, so many of our young people take them on as a family. That is the kind of commitment that they offer the gangs. Many of them do not have father figures and many get caught up in drugs and violence. Ultimately, Terry would become the gang leader in the gang he had been initiated.

After 18 years serving a 63 year prison sentence in the Texas State Prison system, Terry Delp was given his freedom being "Twice Pardoned" as his faith radically changed him forever. In November 2001, after much prayer and study, Terry Delp was received into the Catholic Faith.

This has changed his life completely and for real. Since that time, Terry is the President of the Brothers of Saint Dismas in Houston that works to help newly released prisoners and reaching out to them for Christ. He is an associate publisher with Decided Excellence Catholic Media. He has a You tube Channel "Break The Cycle Beat The Odds" that reaches out to gangs and prisoners and anyone who will listen how to live a life dedicated to Christ and His Church.

Terry Delp is an author writing a book telling his story and he currently is a lead inspector on the Aggie Expressway Project there in Texas. He is also the latest member of Deepertruth. On Tuesday, 07/27/21,

Terry Delp will be appearing on DeepertruthRadio to tell his story 8:00 P.M. Central, 9:00 P.M Eastern.


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