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The Catholic Defender: President Trump gained 74 million votes out of 133 million cast in America

According to MSM Fact Checkers (not exactly friends of President Trump), there were 133 million Americans legally registered to vote in the United States November 3rd Presidential Elections. Of those voters, President Trump received 74 million plus votes that are uncontested. That would leave 56 million possible votes that Biden could have received? How did he get 81 million? That is 35 million more that the vote count?

The answer to this is the vast illegal votes coming from the Dominion machines, the vast fraud that took place in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and I will add Virginia and New Hampshire. The discounting of 35 million "votes" for Biden is in no way hurting any voter! It is protecting legal voters that should count!

Listening to the news, even Fox News, you would think that Joe Biden has won this election, but that is not the case. Seven States have sent duel Electors that will challenge the vote to go to the Supreme Court. Who will win ? President Donald Trump! The Governors from those States have no authority to pick Electors as this belongs to the State legislatures who have the final say over the choosing of Electoral College electors.

The Supreme Court has no choice but to recognize the Republicans sent by the State Legislators. The news media have no bearing on the outcome of the election no matter how much they try to steal it. To save America from the greatest conspiracy devised by men in history, the American people will have to take a stand. Unless the Socialist, Marxist, Communist who forever want to take our freedom are defeated, our elected officials must develop spine.


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