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The Catholic Defender: Pray for the Kansas City Chiefs to win the Superbowl

Listen to the Gillette commercial with Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This may shock you as this does me.

Instead, this fires me up:

Consider this! The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills so the Buccaneers will be facing the Chiefs in the Superbowl. Did you notice that the Packers and the Bills did not come out of the locker room during the Anthem and honoring our Country? I'm glad they lost!

As Brady is supported by witchcraft, notice that the field goal kicker, Harrison Butker, will be a keynote speaker at a Catholic Men's Conference in Springfield Missouri! Go Chiefs!

BTW, in the early 1800's the Kansas City area was inhabited by American Indian Tribes like the Kickapoo, the Pottawatomie, and the Osage before the United States expansion. There were some dark times that the Indian suffered. There were also times good things happened. Since the Kansas City Chiefs came to Kansas City (1963), they began to represent the Midwest; Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. You can add Northern Arkansas and Oklahoma as well.

My Step-Father was a full blooded Kickapoo/Pottawatomie who would pop the popcorn who loved the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, most Indians have no problems with teams like Kansas City. What we are seeing today with what happened to the Washington Redskins, this is part of this Communist/Socialist movement who is promoting this cancel culture.


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