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The Catholic Defender: Fans Boo The "United" Demonstration held at Arrowhead

This is a difficult article that I am compelled to publish because I am a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan going back to 1963 when they first arrived from Dallas. They were originally the Dallas Texans that would become our beloved Kansas City Chiefs.

Patrick Mahomes is a special talent regarded by many to be the best Quarterback today who has great promise. I am a fan! I can say the same about all of the Chiefs roster. I am pulling for another Superbowl!

Recently, word came out about Patrick Mahomes coming out in support of Black Lives Matter, which is problematic on many different points. It's one thing to point to a few situations where police have done wrong, it is another to push for defunding the police all across America.

The pretense of unity displayed at Arrowhead was based off a false dichotomy. While I believe the intent was good, there can be no unity when our Constitution is on the line. What is taking place in several Blue States and Cities, people do not see Black Lives Matter or Antifa as anyone that America can unify with. America will never accept Socialism, Marxism, or Communism that these are pushing.

For some, they do not want to see politics given such a place within our national pastime. Many do not want to see players disrespecting our American Flag and National Anthem. Black Lives Matter has their own agenda and for their organization being given a stage set at Arrowhead, that is really sad. I took the opportunity to speak with the BLM Representative at Gardner Kansas after he spoke at a rally. I asked him why it was that the Black Live Matter groups look down on blacks who are conservative? We see this nationally and locally? He tried to distinguish a conservative black supporter of President Trump from others. He wanted to identify himself as a conservative but his positions told the truth about that. I was also told that ordinary peaceful protests were not what they want specifically because they do not think people listen to peaceful demonstrations.

Black Lives Matter calls for this demand “full and free access for all Black people with retroactive forgiveness of student loans.” Can there be unity surrounding free college for Black people? They want to make education a constitutional right at the state and federal level to a fully-funded education which includes a clear articulation of the right to: a free education for all, special protections for queer and trans students, wrap around services, social workers, free health services (including reproductive body autonomy), a curriculum that acknowledges and addresses students’ material and cultural needs, physical activity and recreation, high quality food, free daycare, and freedom from unwarranted search, seizure or arrest. Somebody will have to pay for it and so this demand will want the Government to pay for it and that means the American people would pay for it. On that account I also boo this.

Black Lives Matter is a large supporter of Planned Parenthood which they demand "free abortion for minors (without specifying a minimum age). Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood established this for the purpose of killing minority groups. Nearly 80% of the Planned Parenthood outlets are mapped out near walking distance to where minorities live. BTW, Abortion is the number 1 cause of death among Black people and it is interesting that you do not see Black Lives Matter protesting at Planned Parenthood. On this account I yell Boo as loud as I can!

Black Lives Matter is the central source where the cry to defund the police is coming from. Yet, 84% of Black people want the police present to protect them from criminals. Along with the defunding of the police, they are calling for an “end” to arrests of any black students, “an end to all jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons as we know them.” It is interesting to note that the Democrats in Blue States have allowed many prisoners out of prison because of the covid 19 virus. They are allowing those arrested for violence, looting, destruction of property out of jail the next day. As a result, the rise of crime is high with the purpose to hurt President Trump. The NFL and others are wanting to register people to support Biden because they know they would have their way with him. On this account I will join in with the boos.

Black Lives Matter demand that the Government allow access to gender affirming surgeries, making Homosexual activity to be normalized in America. I was listening to Ryan Clark, a commentator with Stephen A giving his opposition to those who were booing at Arrowhead. Clark was making it all about people booing Black people. How wrong he is and how deceiving he is on this subject. It is all about agenda and positions against our faith. What Black Lives Matter is about deserves to be booed.

Consider this Black Lives Matter demand, "We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and “villages” that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable." Do you catch this mom and dad? This is a demand that is calling for the end of the traditional family. My opposition to Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with Black people, not at all, it is everything to do with their agenda which again needs to be booed.

Black Lives Matter seeks to identify with "liberation movements around the world.” This would also include Muslim terrorist nations. This is the reason Black Lives Matter opposed President Trumps call to boycott nations with terrorism. It is interesting that Obama sought to bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims into the United States placing them in Michigan and Minnesota while at the same time allowed a handful of Christians who were terribly persecuted by the Islamic Terrorists. This was a calculated effort to bring Islam into America. This is part of that globalism calling for open borders. This must be booed!

I do not know how informed the fans were at Arrowhead, I do believe they wanted a football game and to support the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Yet, since we are discussing what happened and why, check out this Black Lives Matter demand. Drug dealers “must be invested into reparations to all people who have been adversely impacted by the drug war and enforcement of prostitution laws." They want to give reparations to drug dealers and to prostitutes. They call for the "pre­registration for 16­-year­-olds, enfranchisement of formerly and currently incarcerated people, local and state resident voting for undocumented people, and a ban on all disenfranchisement laws.” They are calling for the voting age to go to 16, they want criminals and illegal aliens to be able to vote. What unity can a Christian have with any of these demands? If I was in the stands and this was taking place, I would have booed as loud as I could in real protest.

I did not hear anything from these Black Lives Matter groups to recognize the thousand Police officers who have been hurt, many of them seriously and some killed since the riots in the streets, the many Black businesses that have been destroyed from the looting and destruction. What about the Black on Black crime in Chicago with thousands shot and many dead?

I believe each player has a role as an American to stand for their beliefs, there are a million ways that a person can do to support their candidates and agendas. I am all about working towards unity, but there has to be a place we can meet that does not attack our patriotism, our faith, our way of life. We have people who gave their lives for the cause of freedom. That should never be compromised but always honored. This should be the unifying center, not Black Lives Matter which is opposed to the very freedoms of all Americans, let alone Black lives.

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