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The Catholic Defender: Dr. Gregory Thompson at St. Martins Catholic School

The following is a statement from Dr. Gregory Thompson:

"What an awesome day yesterday at St. Martins Catholic School.

Some of you have asked for pictures to post for different reasons, and I am terrible about taking pictures, but this happens because of each of you saying yes to Mary for her Son, and some of you just to know one of the different things that happen at the Marian Association, the pictures are because of a wonderful principal Mr. Ed Mullholand.

After being with the school children, 255 of them and staff, another 30, the principal asked if he could take me to dinner and if I would stay for the PSR students and staff and some adults that might come over from the Stations of the Cross, so we were about to be with another 25-30 children and adults that night before we left.

Jesus and Mary have been so wonderful in opening doors for souls. Keep all in prayer and continue to do what you can for the lives and souls of others, and thank you for seeking to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus at every opportunity. Love and prayers in Christ, To Jesus through Mary, GregoryMary"

Over the past few weeks Dr. Gregory Thompson has traveled throughout the State of Missouri planning Marian Conferences, Igniting the Fire Missions, and speaking before hundreds of Catholic School children all over Missouri.

Last Wednesday's Deepertruth Radio show Dr. Thompson hosted the show as he was on the road heading towards Marshal Missouri. He had previously spoken with hundreds of Catholic Students as well as several School educators.

Many of these children are being exposed to relics that brings the history of the Church into imagination. They are learning about many of the Saints whom the Lord Jesus has given us as great role modals.

People might not realize that the blessing of relics has always been a part of the Catholic Church. In the Bible we read where the sick were brought out into the street where they could fall within St. Peter's shadow and many were healed.

The Faithful helping St. Paul would take towels, hand cloths, aprons that St. Paul had touched and these items were taken to the sick who many were cured.

Blessed objects such as holy medals, holy water, Rosaries, these items represent the prayer of the faithful which embodies the priests blessing of sacred objects.

There is no magic or hocus pocus taking place but the very evidence of God's grace given by the Power of His Word.

One of Dr. Thompson's unique gifts is his ability to speak before children of all ages giving good Catholic teaching to the level of his listeners.

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