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The Catholic Defender: From The Company of Retired COL Allen West on Dr. Ford

Remember the 8th Commandment:

"You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor".

This was posted by a follower of Allen West: Here's what I learned from listening to the hearings from Ford and Kavanaugh:

1) Ms. Ford stated she did not come forward for political reasons and has not been paid to come forward. Fact check: There are 3 known GoFundMe accounts in her name totalling nearly $1,000,000 dollars. She does not plan to return the money, nor has she told people not to send money.

2) She testified that she and her husband went to a therapist in 2012 while remodeling their home. They were arguing over installing a 2nd front door which she stated under oath, that she wanted as an escape route. Fact check: A check of Palo Alto building permit records show the 2nd door was installed in 2008. The record states the 2nd door was added as a separate entrance for a rental unit being developed in the home.

3) She doesn't know or remember how she got to the party. No one has come forward to take credit for taking her to the party.

4) She doesn't know or remember how she got home which was 8 miles away. No one has come forward to take credit for taking her home.

5) She doesn't know or remember when the party was.

6) She doesn't know or remember where the party was.

7) She said she does remember it was Kavanaugh.

😎 She was sketchy on how many people were at the party.

9) She was 15 years old, at a party without adult supervision and without her parents knowledge, drinking illegally.

10) She said she was so upset that she was almost raped that she fled the party, leaving her best friend behind with these almost rapists.

11) She said she heard people talking about her at the party after the incident. She doesn't know or remember what they were saying. Questions: How did she hear them talking about her if she fled the house? How does she know they were talking about her if she doesn't know or remember what they were saying?

12) All of the witnesses that she named have provided statements saying it never happened, and also vouched for the good character of Kavenaugh.

13) Ford said she called her friends on her cell phone when she got home to tell them what had happened. She stated the party was in 1982. Fact check: The first cell phone was not available for sale until 1984.

14) Feinstein was deceptive and violated the rules of the judiciary committee by keeping the letter secret from the chairman and other committee members for 60 days. She never questioned Kavanaugh about it when she met with him before the confirmation hearings.

15) Someone leaked the letter to the press. The only people who had the letter were Ford, her lawyer, Feinstein, and the Democratic Senator from her state. Feinstein became very flustered and could not be sure if her office leaked the letter. Her reaction to the question seemed very suspicious. She turned to ask her staff member who was present, if her office had given the letter to the press.

16) Ford was never told by Feinstein or her lawyer that the Senators on the judiciary commitee would come to her for her statement or that it could have been done in private. Ford, her lawyer, and Feinstein decided her statement should be given publicly.

17) Ford stated the reason she did not want to come and provide a statement earlier was because she has a fear of flying. However, she has taken many trips where she traveled by air to Hawaii, Tahiti, etc. She also flew to Delaware where she had been hiding out since the letter was leaked. Why did she not just drive from Delaware to meet with the commitee? She doesn't know who paid for the airline ticket to Delaware.

18) Even though she said she wanted to remain anonymous, she hired a lawyer and took a polygraph test the first week of August, less than two weeks after sending the letter. The polygraph test consisted of two questions. She doesn't know who ordered or paid for the polygraph.

19) She deleted her Facebook and Twitter social media accounts before sending the letter.

20) Her attorney claims to be handling the Ford case pro bono but was hired by Feinstein.

21) Kavanaugh was very passionate in his denial, as anyone would be under a false accusation that is destroying his reputation, his family and children, and his career.

22) He likes beer and drank in high school at the legal age of 18.

23) He graduated top in his class, played basketball and football.

24) He recorded his scheduled activities in a caledar. His father preserved these calendars along with other school memorabilia such as trophies, essays, etc. in their attic.

25) The Republicans questioning Ford were respectful.

26)The Democrats were not respectful of Kavanaugh and didn't really ask any questions other than to try to get him to ask for an FBI investigation.

Summary and observations: After reviewing the testemony provided by both, I have personally come to the following conclusions based on evidence and observations:

1) I think both statements were presented in a believable manner, but the burden of proof is on the accuser, and that didn't happen.

2) I have a problem with Ms. Ford's credibility due to the contradiction of having 3 GoGundMe accounts with no plans to return the money. I had a problem with her statement that she was so distressed that she needed an extra door installed during a 2012 renovation on her home when it was actually installed in 2008 for a rental unit being prepared. I have a problem believing her statement that she has a fear of flying when in fact she had flown many, many times. I felt suspicious that something incriminating was in her social media leading her to delete her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

3) She admitted to being deceitful to her parents who did not know she was at a party without adult supervision.

4) Her behavior leading up to the hearing appears to be staged and calculated. She appears to have been coached.

5) Kavanaugh had his parents, his wife, and many friends at the hearing in support of him.

6)There was not a single family member or friend at the hearings in support of Ford. Where was her husband or the beach friends she claims gave her advice and encouraged her to come forward. The friends whom she has named as witnesses claim the incident never happened.

7) Kavanaugh has been vetted by the FBI six different times and not one thing has ever come up. Ford has only been asked two questions on a non admissible polygraph.

😎 I believe something happened to Ford, but I don't believe Kavanaugh did it.

9) I believe that Kavanaugh's display of righteous anger is a justified response to this serious accusation

10) I believe Feinstein and the Democrats are using mentally weak Ford as a political pawn.

11) The Democrats have stated they will go to any length to not lose this seat on the Supreme Court because this confirmation will change the Supreme Court for the next generation. This tells me that Democrats are even willing to assassinate the good character of an innocent person and destroy a family for political reasons in order to accomplish their goal.

12) Democrats have stated they are going to keep trying to delay the confirmation until after the midterms. Based on these facts and observations, I feel certain Judge Kavenaugh is innocent of this accusation. If I were on the judiciary commitee, I would vote to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, not for political reasons, but because he most definitely qualified.

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