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The Catholic Defender: Deepertruth Igniting a Fire

On September 21-22, 2018, members of Deepertruth lead the "Igniting a Fire" Mission held at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church and Guardian Angels Catholic Church both Parishes in the Kansas City Missouri Metro Area.

It was a team effort as we divided into to two groups trading Parish Church locations each day. I was graced to team up with Michael McGlinn Friday at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church. Michael grew up in this Parish as a young person growing up which this was like a homecoming for him.

Michael would letter four years playing football for Notre Dame. He played in a major Bowl each year and was sought after by the National Football League, but before he signed a contract, the Lord Jesus had other ideas for Michael.

Michael not only was blessed to be a great football player, he also has a talent singing and playing instruments which he dedicates for the Lord. Today Michael is owner and producer of "Sistine Films" and speaks at Conferences specifically on the Divine Mercy.

Dr. Gregory Thompson and Domenic Rizzi were the other team speaking on several topics. Dr. Thompson is a regular on Deepertruth and Co-hosts with me sharing our series on Eucharistic Miracles each week.

Eucharistic Miracles, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, Striving to be good husbands, living and receiving God's supernatural power were subjects that they covered during their talks.

What I really love about these events is how people are becoming more and more excited about the Lord revealing Himself. These talks really are important.

I spoke on the importance for Evangelizing our holy Catholic Faith bearing witness to the Truth. Bringing the Prodigals home is important, that as Catholics, we are born for "Combat" to stand up for the Truth.

What a great blessing it is for us to be able to share God's word through these Conferences and Missions and to see good fruit Our Lord and Our Lady gives through them.

If what we do can help a person then it is all worth it, we are called to serve the Lord where ever the opportunity comes our way.

Come Holy Spirit fill the hearts of your faithful and enkindle in us the fire of your love. Send forth your spirit and we shall be created, and you shall renew the face of the earth. Amen

Lord, I pray to your Spirit to watch over me and guide me, so that I may live no longer for myself, but for you. And then say with St. Paul, "I live now, not I, bu Christ lives in me."

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