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The Catholic Defender: Today on Facebook truth about guns

As shared with me from a co-worker:

As you watch the TV news today about the nation's kids walking out of school to force repeal of the 2nd amendment and to try to take your guns, may I remind you that Mao used the same strategy in 1966 to force Communist rule in China - a youth movement called the Red Guard.

The same way Hitler used teenagers in his "Hitler" Youth movement, which became compulsory Nazi indoctrination for boys 10-18 years of age, to force Nazi rule in Germany.

The same way Castro used the Popular Socialist Youth to overtake Cuba and install Communism.

What happened next? The people cheered and handed over their guns to their new friends in the RESISTANCE Government. Then they executed them.

This is not a new idea. This is straight out of the Commie playbook.

The above is very interesting as when mistakes happen and people do not learn from them, we are doomed to repeat them again.

We are in troubled times as some people are protesting with a good heart. I'm afraid that these young people are being used by those with an agenda. We are facing a great evil today I believe is the result of the break down of the family.

The problems we face are really spiritual, children being desensitized by movies, media, games, it is worse now that it has been. I do not remember things this bad going back to the 1960's. We need to pray for our Nation and stand up for our Troops, our Flag, and our Anthem.

"He alone, who owns the youth gains the future"? I never thought I would ever quote Hitler, but I take this as a warning! Wake up America! This infection is hitting our schools, the NFL, colleges, the Democrat Party, we need to place our Nation at the feet of the merciful Savior.

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