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The Catholic Defender: Mike Sheeran's Letter to the NFL

An Open Letter to the NFL

Dear NFL,

Once upon a time you were a thrill to behold.

The memories still linger; Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Roger Staubach.

And how about those spectacular plays, breathtaking Super Bowls, and memorable Pro Bowl games? But, sadly, the bowl is empty.

You thrived. You prospered. Your teams made it into the hearts and minds of we, the fans.

And we loved every minute of it.

But now, its over.

You've taken our money. Millions of dollars worth.

And you forced us as taxpayers to build you a bigger playpen or else you were leaving town.

Just ask San Diego.

And your Super Bowls went to cities you forced to shell out all the expense, while you raked in the dough. You told these cities they'd profit by hosting the Super Bowl.

Just ask Houston.

We pulled back the curtain in Oz. We know you for what you truly are.

Game over.

Now you condone your overpaid players protesting this country by disrespecting its flag and National Anthem which has given them so much including millions of dollars that you've shaken down hardworking Americans to get.

You tell them they have a right to disrespect the Flag and everything it stands for. And you spit on the source of your income.

Well, NFL, the party's over.

We are sick and tired of your blackmailing city after city to either give you a bigger playpen or risk losing its NFL franchise.

You tell us that you're good for a city and then you allow players who our kids look up to as heroes to disrespect our National Anthem and the public be damned.

You say your players have a right to protest.

Well,SO DO WE And it's high time we made our voices heard.

From this point forward, your stadiums will be empty. Your overpriced concessions will sit on the counter with no one to buy them. And your "licensed" jerseys will rot on sales shelves because we, your ex-fans don't appreciate the example you are setting for our kids.

That's the way it's going to be until or unless you change your tune.

We may have rooted for San Francisco, Tennessee, New York, or Washington. And we might have cheered on Buffalo, Chicago, St. Louis, or Kansas City.

But now we're all on the same team, NFL. And we're sick of your trashing good men and women who stood on a different line of scrimmage with bullets heading in their direction. Bullets, NFL, not footballs.

And we have a different set of quarterbacks, not the overpaid prima Donna's you brag on but real men. Men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan. Today our signal caller is Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump reminded us that when America is united, she is unstoppable. NFL, starting now you're about to find that out for yourself.

Your fans will be gone.

We'll find a good movie instead of "Game Day." We might even watch Heidi.

And so, NFL, face facts.

We are no longer Chargers or Chiefs, Redskins, Lions, or Bears. We're Americans.

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