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The Guardian Angel: Eucharistic Miracle BETTBRUNN GERMANY, 1125

This Eucharistic Story story reminded me of St. Lucy a virgin martyr, who worked with the poor from her young teenage years and who we celebrated at Mass today, because when they came to take her away during times of persecution of Christians, with the intent to put her in a brothel because of refusing to marry a pagan and give up her virginity, they could not move her, many tried but said she was as heavy as a mountain.

They ended up torturing her and killing her, losing her eyes, which were returned. But that they could not move her was similar to what happened to the Eucharist in today's Eucharistic Miracle.

God be with each of you, God has given us so many beautiful lives of saints who model their virtues for us. To Jesus through Mary, GregoryMary


"Rightly then, do we believe that the bread consecrated by the word of God has been made over into the Body of the God the Word. For that Body was, as to its potency bread; but it has been consecrated by the lodging there of the Word, who pitched His tent in the flesh." -"The Great Catechism [37: 9-13]"

"He offered Himself for us, Victim and Sacrifice, and Priest as well, and 'Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.' When did He do this? When He made His own Body food and His own Blood drink for His disciples; for this much is clear enough to anyone, that a sheep cannot be eaten by a man unless its being eaten be preceded by its being slaughtered. This giving of His own Body to His disciples for eating clearly indicates that the sacrifice of the Lamb has now been completed." -"Orations and Sermons" [Jaeger: Vol 9, p. 287] ca. 383 A.D.

"The bread is at first common bread; but when the mystery sanctifies it, it is called and actually becomes the Body of Christ." -"Orations and Sermons" [Jaeger Vol 9, pp. 225-226] ca. 383 A.D.

Eucharistic Miracle BETTBRUNN GERMANY, 1125 In the Eucharistic miracle of Bettbrunn, a very pious farmer in an excess of zeal stole a sacred Host which he brought to his farm in Viehbrunn. One day, the Host accidentally fell to the ground, but no one could pick up the Sacred Species. Everything was tried, and finally the Bishop of Regensburg intervened. The Bishop was able to pick up the Host only after promising the Lord that he would build a church in honor of the Blessed Sacrament.

The report of the miracle spread rapidly and attracted a large number of pilgrims. he building of the village of Bettbrunn and of the present-day Church of the Holy Savior owe their existence to a Eucharistic miracle that took place in 1125.

In the place where the town and the church are located now, there was once only a small farm called Viehbrunn; next to it was a well that was used to give water to the livestock.

The owner was a man who was deeply devoted to the Most Holy Sacrament. This man lived an hour and a half away from the parish church of Tholling and he was not always able to attend Mass.

Because of his zeal, he decided to solve the problem of not always being able to attend church by secretly stealing a Sacred Host and taking the Blessed Sacrament home with him.

The farmer took the stick that he always brought with him and made an opening on the top end of it, into which he placed the Sacred Host.

Every day, when the livestock were resting, he stuck his stick into the ground and knelt before the Most Holy Sacrament for many hours. For several months, the man continued in this manner until one day, without thinking, he impulsively threw the stick with the Blessed Sacrament at a herd that had strayed too far. The Host fell on the ground and the farmer, deeply saddened, bent down to pick up the Blessed Sacrament.

Every attempt to lift the Host up proved to be futile and when he did not know what else to do he sent for the parish priest of Tholling. But the priest was also not able to pick up the Blessed Sacrament and finally they approached the Bishop Hartwich of Regensburg, who immediately went to the place of the miracle with all his clergymen. Only when he promised to build a chapel in that place did he succeed in picking up the Host from the ground.

In 1125, the building of the chapel was completed and the precious relic was kept in this place until 1330 when a fire destroyed everything. The chapel was later reconstructed and in its interior they placed one of the pillars that had been saved from the fire.

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