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The Catholic Defender: The Utmost Importance Of The Republican Convention

One day after the Republican Convention the Republican Party put out the most pro-family/pro-life agenda in it's entire history. The Republican Platform reads in part:

"We oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare. We urge all states and Congress to make it a crime to acquire, transfer, or sell fetal tissues from elective abortions for research, and we call on Congress to enact a ban on any sale of fetal body parts. In the meantime, we call on Congress to ban the practice of misleading women on so-called fetal harvesting consent forms, a fact revealed by a 2015 investigation. We will not fund or subsidize healthcare that includes abortion coverage."

While I was in Cleveland, I ran into some Clinton Supporters who attempted to grab my attention. That was like a dog trying and actually grabbing on to an on coming car, they did not exactly like what they caught! As a former fetus myself, I personally oppose abortion and I certainly communicated that here!

With the upcoming wake of the Democrat Party Convention, Hillary Clinton is being plagued by scandal, but she did put this out before the Convention, "Donald Trump is the biggest recruiter to Isis"? Well, considering that Donald Trump is the only Candidate promising to do something about ISIS, Trump is bringing out the cockroaches into the light.

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker spoke on the importance of voting for Trump because of the very importance of our security. Governor Walker honored his pledge to support the Republican Nominee.

The Republican Party on the question of Marriage forcefully pledged, “We do not accept the Supreme Court's redefinition of marriage," the platform reads, "and we urge its reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment returning control over marriage to the states." Trump will place Constitutional Justices who are pro-life and pro-family that will not add to the Judicial activism that Clinton would do.

I loved the way that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in his speech tried Hillary Clinton and the entire Convention declared her "guilty" of all the lies, of all the corruption Clinton had been publicly exposed of by the FBI.

Like Governor Walker, Governor Christie pledged support for Donald Trump and supported the Republican Platform. The contrast between the Republican and Democrat Party is like the difference between night and day. What I did not know was that my Deepertruth Co-host, Jake Davies of the United Kingdom and friend of Donald Trump sat with the New York Delegates. I did not find that out until after the Convention. Sorry Jake, we will have to meet sometime later.

On matters of security, Clinton pledges to allow an increase of more Syrian Muslims into the United States something like 550% more than the many thousands President Obama has already placed throughout the the Nation. Donald Trump has called this "invasion" possibly the greatest "Trojan Horse" in history.

The fight for the moral compass is clear for America this coming November, the family itself is at stake like no time in history.

Martha Roby, the U.S. Representative for Alabama's 2nd Congressional District is clear that faith in God is important in defending and supporting the Republican Platform. If Hillary Clinton should win, we will see the attack on religious freedom in America like never before. Hillary will make President Obama look like a school boy in comparison.

The future of America is at stake, is America truly a world power that is distinctly blessed by God, that is a leader of the world promoting freedom, faith, and democracy to all people? Or is America just another nation no better or no worse than any other country? I was raised to believe that America is the bastion of freedom and exceptionalism. We are the ones wearing the "white hat's" representing what the American flag colors red, white, and blue stand for.

It might be important that the future of America may depend on the happenings at Cleveland Ohio during a most important convention that took place next to the Great Lake Erie.

The history of America has always had hero's that rose to the threats of the times. We have had our share of growing pains, we have made mistakes, but the blessings of God upon America can be seen in the many innovations, the very Constitution we fight to uphold, the faith of simple ordinary people.

The world seems to be crumbling as our Allies have not been able to trust us and our enemies do not fear or respect us.

Faith in America is under assault, our freedoms are being lost. The enemies of freedom are well aware that America is the last bastion of freedom. Captain John Paul Jones referring to the American Flag once said, “Don’t Strike the Colors… We Have Just Begun to Fight”. For me, the Republican Party Convention represents the battle plans to fight for our continued freedoms.

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