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The Catholic Defender: John Carpenter's New Book, "Be Not Afraid..."

From the Back cover of the book, it asks: "Does God really exist? Is there really any evidence for that? Can science prove that the Communion wine and bread actually turn into the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ? Does the Shroud of Turin validate the mystical resurrection of Christ through careful expert scrutiny? How can statues weep real human tears? How can the bodies of deceased holy persons not decay for centuries? What are angels - and what roles do they play? Want to hear how Heaven and Hell are described? And, historically, hundreds of people worldwide have documented appearances by the Virgin Mary! This just cannot be real ... or is it? Psychiatric therapist John Carpenter takes you where few researchers have gone before. Like a logical detective amassing the supernatural evidence for your consideration, he presents historical accounts and miraculous events along with recent medical and scientific research to develop a credible and stunning conclusion. His evidence may bring you to a refreshing new spiritual awareness at a time when doubt, distraction, materialism, violence, and self-indulgence seem prevalent. The implications are both joyful and chilling as Carpenter slowly seduces the reader into following him through the labyrinth of divine mysteries created by those "footprints from heaven." Be not afraid to take this journey and discover the Truth that could change your life!"

Be Not Afraid to Follow the Footprints from Heaven Paperback – June 18, 2016

by John S Carpenter (Author)

John Carpenter is a Member of Deepertruth and co-hosts the series "Journey with Mary" on Sunday Night's on Deepertruth Internet Radio.

John also works closely with Dr. Gregory Thompson with the Southern Missouri Marian Association speaking at major events in Missouri and serves with the Springfield / Cape Girardeau Diocese (Missouri's) Bishop's Council.

John Carpenter was raised in a Methodist church, his father was a Minister of a Methodist congregation, who now is a devout Catholic.

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