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The Catholic Defender: My Response To The NeverTrump Crowd and Steve Deace

From the very beginning of the Republican Presidential Campaign I maintained I would support the eventual nominee. It was not long after that when bubbles or pockets of groups came out against Donald Trump. At first I was sent hundreds of memes with everything men devise to attack Trump.

The more they sent such attacks the more I looked into the very issue being raised. As a Catholic Apologist and writer, that has become my nature, to look into the truth.

A lot of it seemed to be manufactured attacks, bringing out assertions that were completely baseless, very early on I began to see the arguments coming from the NeverTrump people as agenda driven and not truth driven.

Then something began to take shape when the NeverTrump arguments began to fall behind as Donald Trump took a solid lead in the polls. They began to make it a moral crusade to oppose Donald Trump. They tried to tie Trump to Hillary Clinton as if they are the same pea in the same pod.

Now that Donald Trump has won the Republican Presidential Campaign and is now running against Hillary, the NeverTrump crowd, even though greatly diminished, are still trying to make an anti-Trump crusade.

I am responding directly to Steve Deace, who wrote "Dear Christian Leaders, You’re Playing a Very Dangerous Game" May 23, 2016. Steve is a political columnist and commentator, he is syndicated by Salem Radio Network and he writes for the Washington Times. He was also a Ted Cruz supporter. Let's look at his article he writes to Christian Leaders in a publication "Conservative Review".

Mr. Deace begins with this statement: "If you are supporting Donald Trump, or flirting with doing so, you are playing a very dangerous game. There is simply no moral, biblical, or even strategic case for doing so, near as I can tell. And if I’m wrong, then let us come now and reason together."

Steve Deace make's an attack on Donald Trump based on moral, biblical grounds but admits he could be wrong? Is Donald Trump immoral? Is he a liberal tyrant? What does Steve Deace brings forward to make his case?

"Trump, by his own admission, does not have a repentant heart. He has not sought God’s forgiveness, because he doesn’t think he needs it. Thus, the King David-Trump comparisons are flawed exegesis and should cease here."

Steve, I am so glad that you feel you can judge Donald Trump's heart as if you can make your assertion. You should be someone who can see context in any statement made especially on a national plane. Donald Trump is a Presbyterian Protestant, a Calvinist. Was he strong in faith 30 years ago? Probably not, but can he change his position today, most certainly. Of the 17 Candidates, none of them, including Ted Cruz, spoke as strongly in defense of Christians. From Christmas, Marriage, and Obamacare to the persecution of ISIS.

I notice, Steve, you bring nothing forward to back your assertions here? You just move to your next point or accusation:

"Now that we’ve addressed the biblical case, what about the moral one?

  • Trump is a scam artist.

  • Trump is a gossip.

  • Trump is a slanderer.

  • Trump is a misogynist.

  • Trump is an adulterer.

  • Trump is a deceiver.

  • Trump is a liar."

Steve, you are making some very strong accusations here, obviously you believe these attacks here are so outward and well known that you do not try to support any of them? I can make those same accusations against President Ronald Reagan, would I be right? Not any more right than what you have shown here. In fact, you place yourself dangerously in a position that you fall into the very problem you are hoping to fight?

You said, "And if I’m wrong, then let us come now and reason together." The 8th Commandment of God says this Steve:

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor." (Exodus 20:16)

By making your assertions here, you have people repeating your sin by quoting you in your assertions?

You see Trump as an Ahab and you qualify that assertion with "Trump is merely a conqueror convinced that if he's calling all the shots the world would be a better place. He is a law unto himself."

You call Donald Trump a insecure Tyrant who is flamboyant, identifying him with "Commodus in the movie “Gladiator.”

All what your saying in your assertions on Donald Trump can be summed up with your comment, "When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change. He changes you."

Hence the moral crusade against Donald Trump. There are a lot of accusations and assertions being made in your article without much truth behind it. Steve, you are throwing out a lot of misrepresentations without any qualification.

You want to see Trump and Hillary coming from the same pod, your conclusion "We don’t need Barabbas the zealot. We need Jesus. And we have the means to give them Jesus, if only we have the faith and courage of conviction. When we came to Christ did we know for sure how it would turn out, or did we have faith? Let us stop trying to manipulate outcomes as our adversaries do, and instead show real faith that while we do not know what the future holds, we know who holds the future."

This whole article Steve is simply a hit job where your wanting to oppose Trump on biblical grounds and you want to appear as truthful. But in the end, you would help Hillary win who would be much more to what your hoping to fight. We know that Hillary will enrich Planned Parenthood, Trump will defund it. We know that Hillary will place liberal Supreme Court Justices, Trump will place Conservative, Pro-life, pro-Constitutionals as he has already put forward.

Steve, by being a NeverTrump spokesman, you enjoin yourself with the Trump protesters that we have seen actively what your trying to make Donald Trump out to be, vulgar, obscene, violent, supportive of a porous border, a Mexican flag waver...

Steve, I will end this article with an invitation, you want to "reason together", let's debate this! I will gladly come to your backyard if that would make you feel better about it!

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