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The Guardian Angel: The Eucharistic Miracles of Weiten/Seefeld Austria

One way that you can dive on souls headed to hell, is to bring the real presence into their lives and one of the greatest gifts God has given us to aid us in the rotting culture we live in, is the Eucharistic Miracles you receive and are able to share. Yes in our human eyes many are lost to us, and so it is, but they may not be lost to a Holy God to whom we appeal to His love and mercy. Yes all people have a free will to say yes or no, and what you are asked to do,is put these Eucharistic Miracles in front of them. Ask for the intercession of Mary and Joseph to help you. Love and prayers in Christ, GregoryMary

Eucharistic Miracle of Weiten,Austria

In fifteenth-century Austria there were a number of thefts of consecrated Hosts, so Church authorities began keeping the Hosts in the sacristy. Despite these precautions, in 1411 a thief succeeded in stealing a consecrated Host from the parish church in Weiten. The Host slipped unnoticed to the ground during his journey and was discovered several days later by a pious woman. The Host glowed brilliantly, divided in two Pieces, but was united by threads of Bleeding Flesh.

In the parish church of Weiten, a thief broke into the sacristy and got hold of a consecrated Host that he slipped into one of his gloves. According to reports from the village of Weiten, the theft occurred in 1411. The thief then mounted his horse intending to make for the nearby village of Spitz. Instead of taking the main road, he chose a side road that passes through the valley of Mühldorf and is known as “Am Schuß.”

When he arrived at the spot (that today is marked by a chapel in honor of the miracle) his horse halted and would not move, no matter how much the man beat him. Some laborers working in the surrounding fields came to help. But there was no way to make the horse move; it stood still as a statue.

Then without warning, the animal leaped to a gallop, and the Sacred Host hidden in the rider's glove dropped to the ground without anyone noticing. A few days later, a Mrs. Scheck from Mannersdorf passed by the spot and saw the Host encircled in a strong light. In great wonder, she picked up the Holy Eucharist and noticed that the consecrated Host was broken in two Parts but remained joined together by threads of Bleeding Flesh.

Greatly moved and at her own expense, in thanksgiving, she built a small chapel on the spot. As news of the miracle spread, many pilgrims came to the place. Later, it was necessary to build a bigger church to honor the precious reliquary in order to contain the great crowds that came every year on pilgrimage.

Eucharistic Miracle of Seefeld, Austria

The little city of Seefeld is the goal of many pilgrimages because of the Eucharistic miracle that took place there in 1384. During the Holy Thursday Mass a nobleman by the name of Oswald Milser expected that the priest would give him Communion with the large Host. At the moment he was about to receive Communion, the pavement began to tremble under him, and Oswald felt as if he was being sucked into it. As the priest was returning the Host to the altar, live Blood began to flow from the Sacred Species.

In the little city of Seefeld, Oswald Milser, Lord of Schlosberg, expected, at the Holy Thursday Mass to receive the large Host like that of the celebrating priest. But at the moment he was about to receive Communion, the pavement began to tremble and broke apart. Oswald grasped the altar so as not to fall, and the priest immediately took back the Host from the man’s mouth. The trembling stopped, and live Blood began to flow from the Host. There were many witnesses who saw the miracle, and very soon the news spread throughout the whole nation. The Emperor Maximilian I himself was very devoted to the miracle. Today one can visit the Church of St. Oswald where the precious relic of the Host, stained with Blood, is exposed, and also view many paintings depicting the miracle.

I myself, Donald Hartley known as the Catholic Defender made a pilgrimage at this Church and you can still see the actual Altar where this incident took place. You can see the indent of the hand print where Oswald Milser grabbed for dear life as the floor began to buckle beneath him. The following video is an inspired song sung Baba Yetu (The Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili) by the Stellenbosch University Choir native from East Africa. I want to honor our friends from Catholic Seminaries in Kenya who regularly corresponded with me many of whom are now, today, Catholic priests. May the Lord bless their Ministry as they lift up the faith despite the continued threat of terrorist Muslims. I have been graced to serve with some of these priests who served in the United States Army as Chaplains coming to America making this a mission field.


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