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The Catholic Defender: Who is the real Founder of Deepertruth?

This is a question that has two parts. Deepertruth in its origin began with me, Donald Hartley on October 1978 with my reversion back to the Catholic Faith. I sat at the St. Joseph Table during my Curillo Weekend at Carthage Missouri the joy of that experience placed the Deepertruth within me.

I went back to college totally alive in my faith. I soon began seeing good fruit with converts.

I spent hours talking to people with good results, we witnessed many converts. In 1984 I joined the United States Army taking Deepertruth to Korea, Europe, Africa, South America, all throughout the United States. During this time I have had thousands of opportunities to promote the Catholic faith in talks going back to the 1980-82 years. I spent over 26 years in the Army until I retired from the Military March 2011. John Benko and I had teamed up in you-tube where we stood shoulder to shoulder against the Sandor Clan and others who were attacking the Catholic Faith. At the time, John Benko communicated how impressed how he was in how I dealt dealing with anti-Catholics.

John Benko had previously been a part of a radio show that was based in politics. He had experience with blog talk radio. He wanted to start a new show on blog talk Radio where we would together, defend the Catholic Faith.

For me, this would be a new expression in explaining Deepertruth. I had never been invited to team up on the radio before. John Benko set up Deepertruth on Blog Talk Radio on May 02,2009, while I was still active duty in the Army.

So I had been practicing what I called Deepertruth for more than 10 years before we took it to Blog Talk Radio.

Where I had begun Deepertruth personally, John Benko mutually joined with me together forming Deepertruth on Blog Talk Radio much in the same way I founded the Rosary Patrol in Iraq, we placed this on Facebook and on the Radio.

In the beginning, John Benko also developed two web-pages for our articles. After about 9 years, John Benko left Deepertruth. Both of the web-pages are no longer available. they have folded after he had left Deepertruth the first time in 2013. When he left due to personal reasons, he left all of Deepertruth to me, everything about it. After this time I maintained communication with John Benko offering support and encouragement. After nearly of a year absence, he began to make a comeback, but again about two months ago he decided to leave once again. This time, he is pledging to bring Deeperuth down off the air. While I have been recovering from a stroke, John Benko has been out there all over the internet challenging and attacking myself and others, John Carpenter with all kinds of filth. Because people as far away as the Philippines have been coming to me about all this. Because of John Benko's actions, I have now had to fire him. We here at Deepertruth wish him well with all his personal problems, we will keep him in our prayers.

The following are some quotes sent in to Steve Rays Message Board on my behalf. I am known simply as "CD" for Catholic Defender

Hey Catholic Defender,

I haven't been keeping up with the board lately and I just read your thread today. I am really inspired by everything you are doing over there. Your first hand account of what is happening in Iraq is incredible. You should consider writing a book. God bless you and the troops! I wanted to let you know that I will keep you and the troops in my prayers. If you still need any thing like prayer cards, medals or rosaries let me know. I should be able to send some. Tate

I see him with the web gear of truth buckled around his waist, the body armor of righteousness in place, ready with the word of the gospel of peace, and the shield of faith all around him to extinguish the evil one's missiles. The Kevlar of salvation on his head and the Holy Scriptures in his hand that is the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God, who is Christ our Lord. Amen he is ready for spiritual combat. We are getting double duty out of you CD, the work of the Lord in keeping the Faith and the work of our Country in fighting terrorism.

Don ~ We love and miss you back in Texas. But are extremely grateful for the work you do! I will be thinking of you and Petra and Gigi, especially, this Christmas time. Your sacrifices for freedom and God are a true example to all. May God Bless you more than you could dream, CD! Dana

CD---You continue to be in thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work. Your exploits remind me of something St Paul would have done.

Catholic Defender, I am new to this forum, by the suggestion of my teacher. I just want to say I read your post on abortion and I really liked what you had to say. You are definitely a man of faith. Also, I want to say keep up the good work on converting people over to the Catholic faith. There isn't another religion like ours. I'm still learning myself and I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Good luck to you, come back safe, and most importantly, thank you for your service. (p.s. I hope your wife is doing better). Sincerely," Saint Francis

"CD has a remarkable memory for both scripture and the origins of many Protestant denominations...for instance, Nazarenes, he'll rattle off Phineas F. Bresee, 1907 (or 1908) Pilot Point, TX, and have a working knowledge of the denomination's precepts. He tends to lay on a little heavy on Church Authority ( which he doesn't realize get's no traction with Protestants that do not recognize that Authority) but it has significant impact on reverts. What catches the Protestants is his ability to quote chapter and verse, of what they consider "their" book to support the Churches position. They are still very invested in solo scripture' even if they don't understand it's implications or origins. Last but not least, he is willing to engage anyone, anywhere with full confidence of his faith...

Truth is CD simply made it easy to challenge the prejudice I was reared on, the problems in Protestantism and a historical understanding of the short, I had to be willing to confront ALL my precepts of Christ and be willing to follow the Holy Spirit anywhere that would bring me closer to Christ...all the way to His Church, even if it means that I have been wrong most of my life...something not many Protestants are willing to conceive. But make no mistake, CD has a gift and a calling..."

"CD as you challenge me to think on the wounds of Our Savior...I can only think what consolation it must bring Him that you are there walking,talking, breathing His love in that land. For me it is a small taste, a dim reflection of the reality that God wants to raise up even our wounded mortal bodies to be happy with Him one day forever...How that Land needs your unity of prayer where you gather together in His name."

But knowing you are there SHOULD make us all sleep continued gratitude and prayers for you and your wonderfully supportive family. You sure raise the bar for us here at home!!! How can we be worthy of the sacrifice you and yours are making??? You really do make me proud to be American and proud to be Catholic. I just wish your reality was known by more so they shared that knowledge and healthy respect....of course this board does provide you to be well "known" by many here!!

"Well, I made it to page 25. I must say CD, I have been inspired, felt ashamed, laughed, cried, felt happiness and sadness... Can I print this out to share with some people at my Altrea? That is a Catholic movement dedicated to Family Life, and being apostolic in our personal lives. you are a great example to me, and will be to them also. You truly live an apostolic life, and I hope to be able to follow in your footsteps in my state in life! God bless you!"

"I had never opened this thread until today. When I see a post that has more than say, 20 replies, I usually skip it because it takes too long to catch up. However, today I opened the thread and read a few pages. Wow. What you are doing is both a militaristic sense (thank you for serving) and in a spiritual sense (thank you for serving)."

"It is a privilege( is this what an indulgence, as granted by the church, feels like?) to pray united with the Rosary Patrol for all these intentions, our country, conversion, your safety, your missions, your families, your soldiers' dad, Sarah's arm( how cool to have soldiers praying for her!...Hooah). I shared with the families of the fallen your post that they would be prayed for and assure you and your patrol how much it will mean to them."


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