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The Catholic Defender: The Taliban is Ruthless following their 7th Century Islamic Jihad

Because of the retreat of the American military, the Afghanistan people have been sent into a horrible darkness where women are abused, girls not allowed to go to school, the freedom of Religion is not there. Christianity is a capital offence under their Sharia Law deserving of their death penalty. According to the National Review, Christians in Afghanistan have received phone calls from the Taliban promising to behead them in front of their relatives. Total evil. The Taliban is chasing down Christians all over the country where they can find them.

According to Jean Marie Thrower, of Alabama served in the United States Army in the 82nd Airborne Division joined other Veterans “We started out with 300 three weeks ago, and we’re down to 55. They’ve been killed … We had two young girls that were with this Christian family, the Christians had found them after their parents had been killed,” “They were hiding together, and then went to the market to try to get some food. The Taliban found them, raped them, and beat them. We did manage to get them to a hospital,” reported by the National Review. Jean Marie Thrower and other proud Americans who are totally horrified that America would abandon our people and allies like we did are trying to get our people out of there.

Since America is no longer in Afghanistan, there is no American media that sheds light on what is happening now. We do have brave volunteers serving as part of a rescue teem seeking to save American and Afghan allies left behind by the Biden Administration. Unbelievable terror is taking place all over the country, recent claims of two young boys of 9 and 10 years of age were beheaded by these Taliban thugs. According to Jean Marie Thrower, “They cut off the heads of two boys that were 9 and 10,...”

The Biden Administration conducted the worst pull out in American history leaving thousands of Americans behind enemy lines. According to Thrower, there is still a thousand Americans left that they believe is still in Afghanistan. Plus, there are thousands of at-risk Afghans allies left behind who were promised help to flee the country. According to the National Review, Thrower states, “In many cases, they’ve been called or texted by the Taliban with threats. They’re moving from place to place. Many of them are members of the Afghan government,...” Thrower continues, “We have had people shot, beheaded. They’re taking the kids. If you’re on the run, and they find your family, they’ll hurt your family and put the word out in the neighborhood that ‘We’ve got your brother or son or daughter,’”

As Americans who have served in the military, it is a dark day when we leave people behind enemy lines like we did here in Afghanistan. The problem was not that we left Afghanistan, it is how we did leave. We left somewhere like 85 billion dollars worth of high tech weaponry that the Taliban has picked up. We left Americans behind which should never happen to include green card holders and allies. We left without support from our allies in the country placing them in tough situations. There was nothing good that came of what the Biden Administration did leaving Afghanistan.

Consider some of the following issues that have resulted from Biden's ill-planned retreat from Afghanistan:

Jill Stephenson of Bentonville Arkansas, a Gold Star mother told the Post “As a Gold Star mother and as a voice that represents so many families who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and especially those of us whose loved ones took their last breath in Afghanistan, it’s embarrassing. It’s completely embarrassing. It’s disappointing. It’s disgusting. It’s unbelievable. “It’s like living in the ‘Twilight Zone,'”

The Biden Administration are being criticized for referring to the Taliban as “businesslike and professional” and Fox News Peter Doocy questioned the White House arguing that the Taliban had installed in their government members who are wanted by the FBI. Sirajuddin Haqqani is wanted by the FBI's most wanted list so how could the White House refer to the Taliban as “businesslike and professional”?

Emily Horne, a National Security Council spokeswoman speaking of the Taliban stated, “They have shown flexibility, and they have been businesslike and professional in our dealings with them in this effort. This is a positive first step,...” Ms. Stephenson's son, Ben Kopp, served the United States Army as a Ranger was wounded in Afghanistan and died eight days later at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center not far from Washington D.C. Ms. Stephenson stated in response, “Wow, the first word that comes to mind … was blasphemous, horribly blasphemous, to call the Taliban that — it’s absolutely disgusting. And it’s coming from the White House. Especially given the circumstance of why it’s even happening in the first place, why are we even negotiating with terrorists? That makes me shake my head.”

Fox News is reporting that the Biden Administration killed a wrong target killing 7 children and 3 adults. It is becoming more clear that they were seeking to take our eyes off how bad the retreat from Afghanistan really was. Please keep America in prayer as our Southern Border with Mexico is also a horrible problem.


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