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The Catholic Defender: The Light of the Star Of Bethleham

Ragulas and Jupiter created such a great sign in the sky that the Wisemen followed to Bethlehem finding Jesus.

This Star reflecting it's light points the way to Jesus Christ. The Star symbolically reflects the Light that is Christ. Today, the Star is superceded by the Catholic Faith. Jesus is the Light of the World The Wisemen who once journed to find the newborn King, today the wise are those who follow the teaching of the Catholic Faith. As the Wisemen brought gold, frankenscense and myrrh

gold representing kingship

frankincense (worship)

and myrrh (an embalming oil) as a symbol of death

Today, the Wise bring Praise to Our King, Who is truly God and man. Who on the Third Day Rose from the Dead.

Jesus Christ is King of kings

Jesus is the Center of each and every Mass

Jesus is Risen

Surrounding the Christmas Story are the Angels announcing the Good News

Today Angels are present supernaturally at each and every Mass among us.

As the Angels announced to the world the Good News to the Shephards tending their sheep in the field

Today the Catholic Church announces the Good News to the Household of God.

The Catholic Faith lives out the Christmas Story each and every day!


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