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The Catholic Defender Responds to the January 6 Hearing Committee

The January 6 Hearing Committee attempted to conceal the truth about the fact President Trump authorized 20,000 National Guard Troops January 2, four days prior to January 6. The timeline reveals that the Key figures Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Charles Schumer Senate Majority Leader, Washington, D.C./Mayor, Muriel Bowser, all rejected the idea of bringing on the National Guard. It was believed that the Capital police would be sufficient.

Senior officials believed that the force they were assembling of 6,000 to 8,000 police and law enforcement officers — drawn from the D.C. police, the Capitol Police, the FBI and various federal agencies — would be sufficient to contain the protests.

The happenings on January 6 has been repeatedly called an "insurrection" when in reality, the real insurrection was 4 November when the Presidential Election was stolen as the result of a coup including the liberal media, the judicial branch that blocked all the evidence.

Bennie Thompson, Jan 6 Committee Chairman devoted 12 minutes in his opening statement has been labeled a "snooze fest" as he launched his attack on President Trump. This lead into United States Representative from Wyoming Liz Cheney's 34 minute uninterrupted Democrat talking points. The goal of this hearing is to prevent President Trump from running and defeating the Democrats for a third time.

Also, through this hearing, the Democrats seek to do away with the Electoral College. A candidate must receive 270 of the 538 electoral votes to become President or Vice President. If a candidate for President fails to receive 270 votes, the House itself will choose the President from among the three individuals who received the most electoral votes.


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