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The Catholic Defender responds to John Benko who has totally lost it.

John Benko Bearing False Witness again, The Bible says, "You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor" in Exodus 20:19 and Deuteronomy 5:20. This commandment is generally understood as a command not to lie. However, the commandment's meaning goes beyond just telling the truth. Some examples of violating this commandment include:

Making broad and pejorative statements

Sharing or spreading false, incomplete, or distorted information

Benko thinks that as long as he keeps me on the defense, he might stall Deepertruth that is so far a head of his cast of misfits. We out gain Benko on a daily basis. There are some good people over at the 4 persons Network, but unfortunately they are lead by a public sinner un repentant.

Do not believe for 1 second Hartley's lies that the diocese proved him innocent. We know better. If he had the evidence he would produce it. Nobody believes he is innocent. Nobody Benko is showiwng his Democrate leanings as he accuses others what he himself is gulty of.  Benko lies and makes the angels cry. He is lost.

Benko lies and makes the angels cry. He is lost.

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Donnie...your own numbers show that you are getting less than 1/3 of the traffic that DTB got when I was there driving things. Do you think turning Deeper Truth Catholics into Deeper Truth child stalkers is the reason? That's why Deepertruth wins most days against John Benko and his gang of misfits.

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Thefour Persons

By the way, we are still ranked #1 you pervert., Benko, you must be looking at your mirror again, your the one who perverted your own children.

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Thefour Persons

Donald Hartley, perverted child stalker and proven pathological liar and heretic has never demonstrated that I have ever made even one false statement because I haven't. You lie all the time philistine. but your looking at your own mirror as you are what you accuse others you Democrate

Keep your children away from this sick pig. yes, Benko will steer them wrong as he did his own family, which is non existant.

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Thefour Persons

Show us the proof that the diocese exonerated you. Produce the document that states that they found you innocent. Go ahead, pedo boy. Prove it. I don't need to show you anything, you can't handle the truth Democrate.

Haha. Sissy boy Hartley having another meltdown. LOL child stalking freak, Now does Benko sound like a Christian, let alone a Catholic Apologist? No he does not.

Donald Hartley- Child stalking pervert (Benko looking at his mirror again, as a Democrate, he is what he accuses. #23. John Benko-false catholic #1. Deepertruth 212,013 The 4 persons gang of misfits at 4398 according to BTR 5/15/2024


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