The Catholic Defender Responds to John Benko one last time

"I do have to admit that I laughed out loud about Donnie's claim that Deeper Truth remains among the most listened to shows. Literally no one, outside your worldwide core of 6 members listens to you any more. The world has tuned you out. True, you click on your own links over and over to move your click count up but the real measures- actual LISTENS and PHONE CALLS have vanished. Deeper Truth has evaporated and you know it.

The Beast of Medjugorje always has covered feet. The 6 hucksters have said as much. This statue of Our Lady of Medjugorje, Queen of Peace clearly shows her feet.

That is amazing John, Blogtalkradio tells the story. Listeners are up considerably.

In my 15 minute opening statement,, I will prove Medjugorje is false by demonstrating that it completely and perfectly fits every stated criteria the Catholic church has published for identifying a false event..

You are welcome to try and counter this evidence.....Sorry John, I will let the Vatican Commission on Medjugorje counter your false misinformation. Folks I fired John Benko because of his anti-Christian antics. Just like the Kansas City Chiefs lost Tyreek Hill going to the Miami Dolphins, John Benko was fired from Deepertruth so he could start a group the Four Horsemen as he moves to the dark side. His broadcast is not worth the air time he gives it. I will not be listening to his false rant.

1. Granting Medjugorje the status of an

approved Catholic shrine is among the recommendations that the Vatican Commmission on Medjugorje handed over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) on January 17, Cardinal Vinko Puljic of Sarajevo told the Croatian news portal Dnevnik. “The Commission has submitted the results of our work to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” Cardinal Puljic said.

I will take Cardinal Pulijic of Sarajevo over John Benko everytime.

The Commission found real and significant fruits in the form of conversions, and no evidence of fraud, deception or abuse.

"Finally, I will close with a 5 minute statement destroying the "good fruits" argument and showing that the only fruits of Medjugorje are church dissent and disobedience, perversion and the occult,"

The contradiction is seen clearly. It is the Catholic Church Benko does not represent. So John Benko will provide false information not worth listening too. Benko is nothing more than a poor disgruntled man who has lost his soul. Thankfully, I have been blessed with far more than 6 friends. I have many thousands. I am truly blessed.