The Catholic Defender Responds to John Benko

I came to my conclusions on Medjugorje because that is what the FACTS dictate. Yes, I believe it is not only false, it is (as Exorcist Bishop Gemme said) Absolutely Diabolical. That is where the facts led me and despite your passion, the arguments you make are completely unconvincing to me. I'm not trying to hurt you, I just need to be correct on this and I now have ZERO doubt that Medjugorje is a fraud. When you actually LOOK at the messages, you will see it too.

John, you are free to believe what you want about Medjugorje, it is regarded as a "Private Revelation"but YOU ARE IN ERROR ON THE fACTS OF THE CASE, the late Father Amorth was one of the most influential exorcists of the Catholic Church of the 20th century. The priest fought all his life so that the Vatican would recognize the order of the exorcists and eventually achieved success. Now the exorcist priests have a structured international association and clear intervention procedures.

Starting in the 1980s, Father Amorth became one of the most convinced supporters of the veracity of the apparitions in Medjugorje. At the time the Church was investigating and for decades did not express an opinion on that phenomenon. Unfortunately the exorcist could not see the recognition before he died. At the end of a long investigation, in fact, the Ruini commission judged the first seven to be authentic.

Father Amorth’s other great battle can be considered the recognition of the Medjugorje apparitions. The first journey of the priest in the place of Marian devotion took place in 1981 and already in that case he was fully convinced of what we saw. In fact, in a secret notebook, the exorcist wrote: “The children [seers] are sincere.” In the presence of the Madonna he believed blindly and “with all of himself,” convinced that the Bosnian visionaries and pilgrims were the Madonna’s army against the evil one.

Struck by the faith of these seers and by the fact that the Madonna had chosen that place to counter the advance of evil, Father Amorth came back several times. During each visit, the exorcist prayed, met pilgrims and spoke with the visionaries, then he would write down his impressions (those notes today are a book entitled ‘An army against evil’). Today he would be satisfied with the opening of Pope Francis to this place, sanctioned by the presence of his Vicar at the recent Youth Festival.

John Benko, you are the one listening to the peanut gallery. I side WITH the Ruini Commission and I stand on solid ground. John, your opposition on this matter might be a sign of your feelings towards Pope Fransis who has renewed pilgrimages to Medjugorje and has stationed an Archbishop there as a permanent position. Father Amorth was one of the most famous Vatican exorcists. I'll stand with him on this matter.

  1. John Carpenter is ruining Deeper Truth with his constant lies and inaccuracies on at least 7 different apparitions. He is literally wrong about 75% of the time. Again, I don't want to hurt you but you are really the only one who cannot see it because you have this blind emotional bond to Medjugorje.

John, again you are in error and shame on you for this kind of judgement on a brother. I personally was involved in practically every "Journey with Mary" episode for over 8 years with John Carpenter. You are in error on those "7 different apparitions." As we investigate the facts on any reported apparition, we will also report if the event is still being investigated. We have not done anything more than report on the event. If the event is still under investigation, that does not mean the event is condemned by the Church as you seem to make your own facts.

John Carpenter is NOT ruining Deepertruth with "constant lies" and in accuracies". You falsely state John Carpenter is wrong about 75% of the time? That is a lie from hell... John, You need to proceed with extreme caution in making such false claims. In saying this you are then saying the same about me and I take that as a personal insult. I am having people call me complaining about you on this matter. You are really going down the same road much as Ross Hoffman had traveled on a different subject.

  1. You are better than what you have demonstrated here- refusing to even LOOK at the facts and insulting everyone who disagrees. The only one with an "Agenda" here is Carpenter. You will see that soon enough. His only interest is in selling books, the truth be damned in the process.

John, your "truth" is not the TRUTH. Just taking a look at what we have done in the Journey with Mary series, in over 8 years, well over 90% of all the shows were based on Church approved events. We did zero of any event that has been formally condemned by the Catholic Church. Sometimes we have discussed some still under investigation. despite your "facts", that does not mean they are condemned. They are still in the progress of investigation. As reporters, we do look for Church approval in all cases. We also look at some of the issues when one is not. John Carpenter makes his money honestly and his books are well chronicled and have had a great impact on those who do read them bringing people back to the Church. John, you are the one "damning the truth" in your own mind. Interestingly, John Carpenter has been a main Speaker in Conferences held at St. Louis Missouri organized by the local leaders of the Catholic Church in that Diocese. John is well respected throughout the four State area based on his talks.