The Catholic Defender: Pray for John Benko, he needs help

On July 6, at 20:00 hours that evening, I debated live on Deepertruth John Benko who played the opponents role in this debate, the Devil himself. Since I won this debate in drastic fashion, the Devil is seeking revenge by going after John Benko. Please pray the Rosary for John Benko as he does not understand the attack coming upon him since that debate. He has sent many emails all over the internet calling the Virgin Mary "Diabolical", "Demonic" and this has played havoc on his mind. He seems to have lost it. What was a celebration of Deeper truth's 2000th show, he now seems to have become whom he represented in the debate on July 6, 30:00 hours. We have moved on from there to over 2200 shows as we continue to do the Deepertruth Mission. I had to fire John Benko because of his strange behavior going after members of Deepertruth. He has coded himself with the four Horsemen (The 4Persons) as his new identity. His constant aim is to attack Deepertruth, primarily me as I soundly defeated him in this debate. This debate will become Deepertruth's annual repeat for Halloween. He seeks revenge wanting another debate but there will be no further debate involving John Benko who seeks public recognition. He will not get this from Deepertruth, but we will continue to pray for him.

2000 Episodes.

Wow. We've only just begun.